Monday, December 5, 2016

The Christmas Spirit

Dear Family + Friends 

MERRY CHRISTMAS. The Christmas Spirit is alive and well over here in Chicago. The cold is also alive and well here. And it snowed yesterday. And I love service. And...this transfer has gone by way too fast! 

Zone Conference: We sat in the gym for 8 hours. I also saw mah BFF Shelby Copeland. 

Familia Robledo: This sweet family doesn't come to church often. But they let us come over, and they feed us. It's always the mom and her two younger kids. The older girl is always at work. I LOVE them. They had us over on Friday night for dinner. And to be honest, that whole day was difficult. It began rough and we were feeling down the whole day. Then we went over to their home. All their Christmas decorations were piled in their front room, taped in boxes. We offered to help decorate, and they happily accepted. We ate dinner, set up the Christmas tree, and listened to Christmas music. It made all of us so happy! It felt like we were home. Hermana Robledo said she never had Hermanas help her before, and she was so glad we were there to help! 
It completely turned around our day. 

Day 3 of #LIGHTtheWORLD: We wrote and placed encouraging notes around our area to try and help people see themselves the way God sees them! 

Habsa: We had a prompting to go to subway. Haha, jk. I was just hungry. And we went to subway. Habsa was working. We started to talk to her as she made our sandwiches. She asked us a lot of questions. After we had our sandwiches, she came out from around the counter and asked where our church was. We invited her to come to a service. Our conversation resulted in finding out that her grandpa had recently passed away, and she's been wanting to come to a church. We got her information and we've been texting. She told us she would come this next Sunday. It was an awesome miracle!! 

Shoveling Snow: Last night we had dinner and watched the Christmas Devotional with a family from our ward. They gave us a ride home. And when we were walking to our door, we saw our deaf landlord shoveling the walkway. We grabbed the shovel and started to work. It was about 9pm at this point. We shoveled the sidewalk, the stairs, the walkway of our apartment/house, the back of the house, and another person's stairs. We didn't go inside until 9:45. Sure it was cold and we were tired. But I was SO HAPPY. I was so warm. And maybe it was just because of the exercise. But I was filled with a peace and warmth that I can't explain. I didn't want to stop shoveling. I just felt pure bliss. I felt the Spirit. 

This week I've been reading all the December New Era's. Right now I'm on 1991. They have so many great stories, experiences, and Christmas memories that make me bawl. In each of these stories, it always ends with someone coming to know the true meaning of Christmas. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be here. I'm grateful that I get to be a missionary. It has taught me the true meaning of Christmas and my purpose here in life! 

I hope all of you are able to feel the Spirit of Christmas this week! 

1. Loly is AWESOME. She reminds me a lot of Alicia. She took us out and got me medicine. 
2. Shelby Copeland and I. 
3+4 Familia Robledo! 
5. Notes!
6+7 SNOW! It's the most wonderful time of the year! 







(She assures me, she's buying her boots today - her mom)

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