Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The sick life of Ami + Caroline

Like unto, "the suite life of Zach and Cody"

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. We had three food
appointments, so we were FULL. And it was tons of fun! The next day I
woke up with the Black Plague. And I've had it the whole weekend.
We played the piano in the primary program on Sunday and then I got a
blessing, and the senior couple in our district drove us home. So that
was fun! NyQuil has been our BFF.

This week was a great week though. I am SO blessed. I love Hermana
Richins. She has such a big heart and is so supportive. She's a
keeper. Haha this week she has started doing this thing where a plane
will fly overhead, she'll nudge me and point at it and then say, "8
weeks". 🙄

It's great. And it's weird that Christmas decorations are all over the
place. It came a lot faster this year. We love this new Christmas
initiative to light the world!

I don't have tons to report on this week, but we are doing great. Life
is great. Christmas is great. Hermana Richins is Godsent. And we love
being missionaries!

We did a Finding activity on Wednesday. And we saw a lot of miracles.
I talked about her on FB, but meeting Joan was a tender experience for
me. She said that she gets lonely on the holidays without her family,
and even though our circumstances aren't  exactly the same, I know how
she feels! But we found joy and comfort in Jesus Christ. I gave her a
Book of Mormon and testified of the joy it brings me, and that it
helps me to feel close to Christ.
There's been a lot of tender mercies the past few weeks where I'll see
someone that we've contacted in past areas, or getting to hear of
people we contacted earlier in my mission, and how they were impacted
by that encounter. The Lord's work is so great.

And tonight we get to teach someone about the restoration of the
Lord's gospel. So, pray for Norma! I feel so blessed!
Hope everyone has a great week!

Happy December 1st

Me and my word mission leader, Tony. We took a picture because he
reminds me of my dad!

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