Monday, November 14, 2016

I love Tacos and Hostess Cupcakes

¡Buenos Días Hermanos! 

How's it going?? This week I got sick. So from Wednesday to Saturday all I did was sleep, eat, medicate, and repeat. But I woke up Sunday feeling BLESSED. I felt so much better. I felt like myself again. 


1. Hermana Robledo: She has three kids. We haven't met the oldest because she's always at work, but we're tight with her two younger kids. They're so cute! We speak Spanish to the mom, and English to the kids. Our Spanglish is on point. 

For the lesson, we had her kids do some silly challenges like drawing with their eyes closed, or hopping on one foot to the kitchen and back. And the last challenge was to give their mom a hug. We applied this to life, and how in life, we all have challenges. We can't do everything perfectly. All we can do is try. But Christ's arms are always open. He always stands ready to embrace us. So, Hermana Richins bore her testimony, and then looked at me. The typical non-verbal pass-off between companions. I bore a simple testimony that I knew that God loved them and that whenever I'm there, I feel that Spirit so strongly! 

As I bore my simple testimony, I felt God's love so powerfully. My testimony was not sophisticated or lengthy. But in that moment, the Spirit testified to me that it doesn't matter what my limitations might be, or how imperfect I am, all that matters is God's love. That's all that matters; the Love that Heavenly Father has for His children, and that I do my best to share it with everyone I meet. 

I've been coming to learn that it doesn't matter what language we speak, or where we come from. God loves each of us. The biggest lesson I learned this week is that Love + the Spirit of Christ transcend any barrier, language, or background

We also had Zone Training this week. So that was a 3&1/2 hour meeting. But it was full of great missionary stuff about planning, goals, and working with investigators. My favorite part was getting to see Sister Copeland!! #Blessed

We went out to lunch afterwards. It was the best. 

And a woman gave us a bag of free chicharrones con limón y salsa Valentina. #Hispanic 
And we got Pepsi. 
And I love Hermana Richins. 
And I Love Jesus Christ. 

Also, Hermana Richins and I are playing the piano in the primary program because piano players are slim picking around here! So that's fun. And we have a keyboard in our apartment, which makes it easy to practice! All the members are super friendly and patient with us and our español. I'm learning a lot. This week was a bit more difficult for me. But I'm grateful for the opportunity I'm being given to rely solely on Christ. Because I can't do any of this without Him. 

I know that no matter where we go or what we do, that the Savior would embrace us. He would accept us. That's been a message that's been weighing on my mind a lot this week.

I found this scripture yesterday in Alma Chapter 5: "7. Behold, he changed their hearts; yea, he awakened them out of a deep sleep, and they awoke unto God. Behold, they were in the midst of darkness; nevertheless, their souls were illuminated by the light of the everlasting word..."

It perfectly describes how I have felt on my mission. I really feel like I've been "awakened" and that my soul has been illuminated with light! Im so grateful for the privilege God has given me to be His servant. It's so rewarding. And even though it's hard at times, it's refining me, and bringing me closer to Jesus Christ. I know He lives and that His love is never-ending. 


I've gone from people who can't pronounce my name, to people who CAN and then wonder why I'm Latina and can't speak fluent Spanish.  
So if anyone knows what part of Mexico dad's family is from, that'd be great. Everyone keeps asking where I'm from and when I say Oregon, they're not satisfied. Then I explain that dad is from Texas. Which they're more happy about but they want more. Just tell me who I am. 

LOVE Hermana Gallegos 

3: We love Pepsi!
4+5: Sick selfies
6+7: On the way to an appointment pictures
8: when everyone stops at Starbucks to get wifi but we don't want to go in. And random stranger. 









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