Monday, November 21, 2016



This week was a lot better. The español is improving. I love the ward.
I love Hermana Richins. I love Jesucristo. I love pollo. And I love
German Christmas markets.

We're down in the city today and it's so pretty to see the lights and
Christmas decorations. We also went to the German Christmas market
that comes to Chicago every year. It's so beautiful!

Also, the cold weather has come to Chicago. And we are so cold! Our
apartment is freezing!!! So we've been bundling up.

Also I just LOVE this Christmas' initiative to Light the World. I just
know that as we serve others and strive to come unto Christ and helps
others do the same, our world will be filled with more Light. I know
that Christ is the source of that Light!

God Lives and I LOVE being a missionary.

-  Hermana/Sister Gallegos

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