Monday, October 31, 2016

Call Me Hermana

¡Buenos Días!
President Bingham called us this weekend and said, "Hello Hermana Gallegos!" 
I'm being transferred to the Chicago 5th Ward, and my compañera will be Hermana RICHINS!!!!!!!! Sister Meili and I rode the train with her at the airport on her first day in the mission. She is hilarious and a stellar missionary. I am so excited. #SpanishProgram #Hermana #Tacos 💃🏽💃🏽🌮 

In others news, this week was CRAZY. 
I voted in my first presidential election!  And...
Tuesday = Interviews with President Bingham = Joy 
Thursday = random exchange with Sister BFF Copeland = Joy
Friday + Saturday + Sunday = Three-day sleepover with Sister Copeland + Sister Lawrence = No Sleep + a lot of Laughter 

Sister Copeland and Sister Lawrence moved apartments, so they needed a place to stay for the weekend. #ApprovedSleepover #TooMuchFun... needless to say, we all had a good time and were sad when they left this morning. 

On Thursday Sister Lawrence and I switched comps because Sister Lawrence and Sister Copeland were going stir-crazy having to pack and clean their whole apartment. So sis C and I went to Taco Bell and then cleaned. 😂

On Friday, Sister Young and I were on exchanges, and then we switched back and sister V and I went to our Ward Halloween party. It was tons of fun. On Saturday morning we had a district finding activity and then ate lunch at Potbelly's! Mmm ¡muy delicioso! And then on Sunday we had church and I took pictures with some of my favorite people. Later that afternoon we went over to my FAVE's! Jen Bradley! She's amazing. I love her so much. We made dinner together and then made jewelry together. She also had us try on her wigs. 

Today we're having a sister Zone activity. It's going to be dope 👌🏼 

I'm excited for this next transfer. I want to soar. I feel like I'm standing at the edge of a big cliff. I can't see the bottom. But I know I just have to jump and have faith that He's going to catch me. I know He will. For the next six weeks, my goal is to be His completely. I have no other choice than to depend on Him. 

I know that God is there and that He hears our prayers. Sometimes we're asked to do things that are outside of our comfort speaking Spanish, and being a missionary...but I know that God will always provide a way. I know miracles follow acting in faith. 


Hermana Gallegos 

Los fotos: 












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