Monday, September 5, 2016

Hey Y'All - Miracles

We had some great miracles this week!

Do you guys remember Janet? Up in Buffalo Grove, Sister Copeland and I
tracted into Janet on a hot + humid day in Barrington Illinois. She
was sitting out on her porch, and we started to chat. We came back a
second time on exchanges, and sister Trowbridge and I taught her the
first discussion. There was such a great feeling about her, and we
felt so confident that one day Janet would get baptized! When we first
started teaching Janet, she was so stubborn. She kept saying that she
wasn't going to go to church and that she was NOT going to get
baptized, (even though we hadn't brought up the topic yet...). But
Saturday we got a text message saying that sister Harding and sister
McKee put Janet on date to be baptized on October 29th!!!!!

Please pray for her!

Also, my weekly's haven't been too on point lately. But when Monday
rolls around, it's getting harder and harder for me to want to write
an email!!

But one thing I do want to share is something I learned from my studies.
I've restarted the Book of Mormon again and I've been reading +
thinking about the tree of life. In chapter 11 when the Spirit is
telling Nephi what it's all about, I wondered why God's love was
represented by a Tree! Then I thought about how the branches of a tree
grow and reach out in every direction, and how the roots of a tree
grow down in every direction. The Spirit taught me that God loves us
ALL. He reaches out in love to each of us. (In every direction!) Even
those who were in the Great + Spacious building! And I thought about
how the roots may symbolize God's love reaching to those who have
already passed on.

I know that Heavenly Father really cares about us. And He wants the
best for us.
And that's why He sent Jesus Christ! So that we could become the best
that is within us.

I love you all!
And I hope you have a great week. :))

1. A member took us out to lunch, and we were instructed to order the
hot chocolate. We did, and a silver tray was brought to us! It was
real good!
2. Library selfies
3. Made cutouts of the plan of salvation!
4+5. Hershey company!
6. A big building.
7. Selfie W/ Hershey

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