Monday, July 11, 2016

Week of July 11, 2016 - One Year!

What's up Fam! 
This week we've ran after a lot of buses. And trains. #SixMonthsToSexy 
We also heard about these protein pancakes (1 banana & 1 egg). We tried it out, and it was REAL good! The texture reminds me a little bit of French toast. Also, I've been on this craze for chocolate covered bananas, and one night sister M made me some!! It was tender. 
Anyways, onto missionary biz:

This week we had a goal to pass out 10 Books of Mormon. We were doing real good at the beginning of the week, and then there were two days that weren't so good... But Saturday afternoon, on our way back to our apartment, we saw a woman sitting at a bus stop. She was super nice. We walked past and the Spirit said, "Turn around and go back." I tried to shake it off because:

1. It could be awkward. 

2. I'm a wimp. 
But I ended up stopping and telling sister M. We turned around, and after some hesitation we went back and started talking with her. We gave her a Book of Mormon. She was appreciative and thanked us for coming back. Then she said her friend would be interested in this!!!! What!?? 

Whenever we testify to people about the truthfulness of this Gospel and of God's love, I feel the Spirit witness to me how MUCH He loves His children here. And you can see that they feel it, even though they may not recognize it as the Spirit. It's amazing to see and experience. :)! 

ALSO, Fun Facts:
  • Our ward meets in a schoolhouse on Sundays. It's pretty dope. A couple other wards do as well. 
  • I love AC.
  • People are moving in and out of the ward all the time, so no one knows anyone. Everyone calls this a "Transient" ward. But we got some work to do! 
  • Our apartment is small and cute.
  • Crazy people ride the bus. 
  • My calves are lookin' on FLEEK. 
Haha, anyways: Over the course of the Mish, I've heard people say that I'm making some type of huge Sacrifice to be here. But I don't feel that that's accurate. I'm unable to express how grateful I am that God has given me this opportunity to serve Him. If anyone's making a sacrifice, it's Heavenly Father, because I know that I am way too under-qualified to fill this position! Yet He's called me and puts His trust in me anyways. It's what astounds me the most. And ultimately, the only sacrifice that ever truly matters is that of Jesus Christ. He's done more for each of us than I'll ever be able to understand. Christ sacrificed everything in Whole. Completely. Forever.
And I love Him. 
I'm grateful to wear a tag with His name on it. :) 
Love y'all! 
Have a GREAT week. 

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