Monday, July 25, 2016

Salmon, Sweat & Teslas

Wassup y'all! 

Random notes and events I jotted down this week:

- I love this ward SO MUCH. 
- everyone here pronounces Reese's Cups, as ReesEE's
- And everyone here drives like a maniac. 
- :))) 
- my companion is A+
- I've never sweated so much in my LIFE! #DatBronzeGloTho
- Met another girl on the bus named Amber. I complimented her Chacos (I'm obsessed and wish I could wear them here...) but we talked to her for a long time. She's a theater major and wants to end up on SNL. We saw her TWICE that week! We really liked her. She had a special spirit about her. We're praying that she'll call us. 

- Met a woman on the train named Gabriel. She was so sweet. She appeared to be homeless, and after speaking with her for a few minutes, we realized she had some deeper struggles. A man was sitting beside her, and he kept glancing at us. It looked like he thought we were weird. But when his stop came, he looked at us and said, "God is good, God is good!" Then he gave that woman a $100 dollar bill. She began to cry. It was tender to see an act of kindness in a place filled with harsh realities. 

- Some members fed us Salmon, and I LIKED it!!
- Saw sister Markland-Haynes last Monday!! It was so fun to see her. I love her SO much. :))

- Lallapalooza is this week. (I didn't know what this was until I got here... But apparently it gets craaazy.) A brother in our ward works at a children's hospital and told us that during lallapalooza, TONS of youth come in drunk and high. Super sad! 

- Another member took us out for a ride in his Tesla on "Ludacris" mode. We went down to Lower Wacker, which is a street underneath the city. Apparently Ludacris mode means that you go from 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds. Ha.ha. I definitely felt it! And Lower Wacker is where they filmed a part of the Dark Knight. We're not allowed to go down there to hang. But we were in a car, so we felt safe haha. It's super creepy though. (CRAY people). 

- 7/11 by Beyoncé played on the way to the ward party. I freaked out. Definitely a tender mercy. 

- Saw miss Rachel Schwartz this week! Woot woot!! She took us out to lunch. 
- Also saw one of mah BFF's!! SISTER COPELAND!! 

At dinner this week, a member told us his story. He left the church when he was 18 for about 13 years. During that time he was a frat guy; he partied, drank, smoked, etc. He shared his journey of how he came from that life to being converted. He testified that living the principles of the Gospel protects us and keeps us safe. It protects us from unnecessary unhappiness. 

This week I feel that I've gained a deeper appreciation for the Gospel in different ways. 
We've seen a lot of people that either drunk or high. Or both. 

I know that a relationship with Christ brings us true Happiness.
I know that commandments keep us safe. 

I am grateful that I get to be a missionary around millions of Good people (except for a few crazies). But I am grateful for the opportunity to try and extend the restored Gospel to them, because I know that it elevates the peace and happiness we can feel. 

I love you all!  
- Sister Gallegos


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