Friday, July 29, 2016

Take Me Out To The BallGame!

You may be wondering why I'm emailing on a Friday!
Well, our new mission president is letting each of us go to a Cubs
Game at least once in our missions. So we and a few other sisters are
going today! :)) HOLLA. #FridayPday

Do I know how to play baseball? Nah. But I'm sure it will be fun to
watch. We're in the standing section, lol, but at least it's in the
covered section.

This week we taught the first temple prep lesson to Corlis, a woman in
our ward who has been less-active for 6 months. She has a great desire
to do family history work and to do her sister's temple work. So we're
hoping that as we teach about the temple, and have greater member
involvement, she will choose to come to church.

We also met a guy named Christian on the train. He came and sat near
us. The spirit was prompting us to speak. We gave him a Temple
pass-along card with the URL and questions on the back like, "why am I
here?" We asked him if he had ever had those questions. He looked at
the card surprised and asked if we were Mormons. He then told us that
his best friend had met with the Mormons and joined,  and that she
would tell him what the missionaries taught her. He also said that she
was planning to serve a mission after she was done with school. We
told him about our purpose and then invited him to learn more. He
accepted. We got his information and then called the Morgan Park
sisters to pass it on. I think it was the highlight of my week.

While we were talking to the Morgan Park sisters, they started to ask
about members and investigators from last year. It was strange that at
this time last year, I was walking around SouthSIDE, wondering if time
would ever take me to 6 months or even 9 months! I LOVED the people
and my companions, but 6 months seemed so far away. And then time went
into hyperspeed and I'm here.

Thinking about how short the time I have left makes me teary-eyed. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I remember sitting in the car in Buffalo Grove with Plomdog, just
driving along, and I got this overwhelming feeling from the Spirit
that this mission would fly by. And it has.

Last night I had a dream about being back at BYU-Idaho and it felt way
too soon! All I wanted was to wait, and go back for another transfer.
I've had tons of dreams like that over the past 6 months.

I'm sorry that I've ended this email by talking about myself, but I
just feel so grateful to be here.
It's hard and I mess up a lot, but it's the most meaningful adventure
I've been on thus far. It's a precious time that I'll carry with me
and reflect on for the rest of my life. And it's all centered around
Jesus Christ.

I know that He is near. And I know that He cares.
I know that He loves you.

Hope you all have a great week!

Sister Gallegos

1. ❤️ Copeland and I!
2. Chicago
3. WEAVE. Remember how last year in MOPO, aka, Morgan Park, I sent
pictures of all the weaves in the road? Good times.
4. Wrigley Field!
5. Chicago
6. My BFF.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Salmon, Sweat & Teslas

Wassup y'all! 

Random notes and events I jotted down this week:

- I love this ward SO MUCH. 
- everyone here pronounces Reese's Cups, as ReesEE's
- And everyone here drives like a maniac. 
- :))) 
- my companion is A+
- I've never sweated so much in my LIFE! #DatBronzeGloTho
- Met another girl on the bus named Amber. I complimented her Chacos (I'm obsessed and wish I could wear them here...) but we talked to her for a long time. She's a theater major and wants to end up on SNL. We saw her TWICE that week! We really liked her. She had a special spirit about her. We're praying that she'll call us. 

- Met a woman on the train named Gabriel. She was so sweet. She appeared to be homeless, and after speaking with her for a few minutes, we realized she had some deeper struggles. A man was sitting beside her, and he kept glancing at us. It looked like he thought we were weird. But when his stop came, he looked at us and said, "God is good, God is good!" Then he gave that woman a $100 dollar bill. She began to cry. It was tender to see an act of kindness in a place filled with harsh realities. 

- Some members fed us Salmon, and I LIKED it!!
- Saw sister Markland-Haynes last Monday!! It was so fun to see her. I love her SO much. :))

- Lallapalooza is this week. (I didn't know what this was until I got here... But apparently it gets craaazy.) A brother in our ward works at a children's hospital and told us that during lallapalooza, TONS of youth come in drunk and high. Super sad! 

- Another member took us out for a ride in his Tesla on "Ludacris" mode. We went down to Lower Wacker, which is a street underneath the city. Apparently Ludacris mode means that you go from 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds. Ha.ha. I definitely felt it! And Lower Wacker is where they filmed a part of the Dark Knight. We're not allowed to go down there to hang. But we were in a car, so we felt safe haha. It's super creepy though. (CRAY people). 

- 7/11 by Beyoncรฉ played on the way to the ward party. I freaked out. Definitely a tender mercy. 

- Saw miss Rachel Schwartz this week! Woot woot!! She took us out to lunch. 
- Also saw one of mah BFF's!! SISTER COPELAND!! 

At dinner this week, a member told us his story. He left the church when he was 18 for about 13 years. During that time he was a frat guy; he partied, drank, smoked, etc. He shared his journey of how he came from that life to being converted. He testified that living the principles of the Gospel protects us and keeps us safe. It protects us from unnecessary unhappiness. 

This week I feel that I've gained a deeper appreciation for the Gospel in different ways. 
We've seen a lot of people that either drunk or high. Or both. 

I know that a relationship with Christ brings us true Happiness.
I know that commandments keep us safe. 

I am grateful that I get to be a missionary around millions of Good people (except for a few crazies). But I am grateful for the opportunity to try and extend the restored Gospel to them, because I know that it elevates the peace and happiness we can feel. 

I love you all!  
- Sister Gallegos


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 18, ... talk to us and catch a Pokemon

Dear Y'all,

This is what happened this week:

Last Monday a member took us to the art institute. It was so COOL!

A member saw us sitting outside and stopped to talk to us and catch a Pokemon.

We also encountered too many crazy, OUT OF THEIR MIND, people this week. ๐Ÿ˜“

And we had zone training and interviews with President Bingham. I LOVE
that man. He's hilarious, spiritually DEEP, and very loving.
In our interview, he asked me about myself, and asked what my mission
has meant to me. The Spirit was strong as I tried to find the words to
express all that this has done for me.
And I wanted to share with all of you how much I love this mission.
It's the hardest and most rewarding experience I've ever had. And I
know that it's where I need to be. Being here is such a privilege.
Even with all the crazy people you encounter on the bus. But I'm sure
I'll laugh about them later. Haha...

And in that interview, I was told, "You won't always know the Ones
until you talk to them." We won't always know WHO is going to accept
or be ready for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ until we act in
faith to talk about it to people.
And going up to people on buses and trains is uncomfortable for me,
but I know that the restored Gospel is too precious to keep to myself.

And I need to do a lot better this week with trying to share it.

So I want to invite you guys to do it with me!

We also had an opportunity yesterday to talk to a woman who has been
out of the church for several years, and her husband who is not very
religious. He asked us what it means to say that "God is Always
there." He asked, "does that mean He always intervenes?"
This topic has been on my mind a lot this week. But I shared my
testimony that I know God loves us, and that's why He sent His son
Jesus Christ. And that because of Jesus Christ's ultimate sacrifice,
all wrongs and unfairness in this life will be made right.
And that's the testimony I want to leave with all of you!

I sure do love you all! Thank you for all your support and love!
Have a great week. :))

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week of July 11, 2016 - One Year!

What's up Fam! 
This week we've ran after a lot of buses. And trains. #SixMonthsToSexy 
We also heard about these protein pancakes (1 banana & 1 egg). We tried it out, and it was REAL good! The texture reminds me a little bit of French toast. Also, I've been on this craze for chocolate covered bananas, and one night sister M made me some!! It was tender. 
Anyways, onto missionary biz:

This week we had a goal to pass out 10 Books of Mormon. We were doing real good at the beginning of the week, and then there were two days that weren't so good... But Saturday afternoon, on our way back to our apartment, we saw a woman sitting at a bus stop. She was super nice. We walked past and the Spirit said, "Turn around and go back." I tried to shake it off because:

1. It could be awkward. 

2. I'm a wimp. 
But I ended up stopping and telling sister M. We turned around, and after some hesitation we went back and started talking with her. We gave her a Book of Mormon. She was appreciative and thanked us for coming back. Then she said her friend would be interested in this!!!! What!?? 

Whenever we testify to people about the truthfulness of this Gospel and of God's love, I feel the Spirit witness to me how MUCH He loves His children here. And you can see that they feel it, even though they may not recognize it as the Spirit. It's amazing to see and experience. :)! 

ALSO, Fun Facts:
  • Our ward meets in a schoolhouse on Sundays. It's pretty dope. A couple other wards do as well. 
  • I love AC.
  • People are moving in and out of the ward all the time, so no one knows anyone. Everyone calls this a "Transient" ward. But we got some work to do! 
  • Our apartment is small and cute.
  • Crazy people ride the bus. 
  • My calves are lookin' on FLEEK. 
Haha, anyways: Over the course of the Mish, I've heard people say that I'm making some type of huge Sacrifice to be here. But I don't feel that that's accurate. I'm unable to express how grateful I am that God has given me this opportunity to serve Him. If anyone's making a sacrifice, it's Heavenly Father, because I know that I am way too under-qualified to fill this position! Yet He's called me and puts His trust in me anyways. It's what astounds me the most. And ultimately, the only sacrifice that ever truly matters is that of Jesus Christ. He's done more for each of us than I'll ever be able to understand. Christ sacrificed everything in Whole. Completely. Forever.
And I love Him. 
I'm grateful to wear a tag with His name on it. :) 
Love y'all! 
Have a GREAT week. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

HAPPY 4TH of July

What's up Y'all-Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday Brooke!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

This first week in Chicago has been craaaay. Trains, buses, and a lot of walking. And we have to be in early tonight because people get too turnt UP. 

My new companion is sister Meili! She's from Alaska and is a quarter Eskimo. She goes home in three transfers and is 2 transfers ahead of me! We've been having fun! 

The first couple days were ROUGH. I felt homesick for Buffalo Grove!! But I guess I was too comfortable there, so the Lord decided it was time to move me. However, the Lord put a couple sisters in the zone that are TENDER MERCIES.  I love seeing them at all the meetings we go to! 

Speaking of meetings, we had 2 this week. On Wednesday before district meeting, President and sister Woodbury came to say goodbye to the zone. We sang a couple hymns and then prayed together. As President Woodbury bore his testimony and expressed his gratitude, the Spirit was real. It was more difficult to say goodbye than I had anticipated. I love that man. He has helped me more than he or anyone will ever know! 

In our second meeting, President Bingham and his family came and introduced themselves to our zone. They have twin 16 yr. old daughters that are now going to be going to high school in Chicago! (I couldn't do that...) And one of their sons recently returned from his mission in Venezuela and will be here for about 6 weeks. I.LOVE.THEM. A wave of love came over me as we heard them speak and testify to us. It felt so right to have them there. President Bingham is hilarious but is also REAL and down to earth. When he looks at me, I feel like he can look through my soul. He knew ALL of our names and where we were from. He's been studying our faces for the past 9 months... I respect him so much. He paused during the meeting, telling us a story about covenants and then looked at all of us and said:

"When you went through the temple, did you jump in with both feet? Did you mean it?
"It will define the rest of your life." 

He helps me to want to work hard and be obedient. 

... And this coming Friday will mark a year since my group entered the MTC. It's crazy how fast time flies! I am grateful for the time I have here to serve Heavenly Father and to help Him with His work. It's the greatest privilege I've ever been given. It's brought me true peace and contentment. Ultimately, and most importantly, it's strengthened my faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. I know that He's there. 
I know that I am supposed to be here. 

The Gospel is True. :) 

Love you! 
Sister Gallegos 

☀️ Pictures from this week: