Monday, June 27, 2016

SouthSIDE, Northside, InnerCity!

First things FIRST: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!! (And Dev


And, I'm being transferred to the Lakeshore 1st Family ward!!
(It's in the Citaaay!)

It will be perfect for "6 Months to Sexy" because,
1. I won't have a car, and
2. I won't have a car.
3. I'll get tan & tasty.

So we're going to be riding the trains! Plus, I hear that the Book of
Mormon Musical will be here from the end of June to the beginning of
August, so I hope that we will be able to talk to some people outside
the Chicago theater!! (Not sure if that's in my area...but I'll keep
y'all updated!) I'm excited to move onto this next phase of my

I'm sad to be leaving sister Copeland. She's helped me to grow and
become a better person than I was before. She's helped me to come
closer to Jesus Christ and I know that she's going to do the same for
those in BG. I'm also going to miss seeing Janet and Isabel, but I
know sister Copeland and sister McKee (her new companion!) will bring
about SO many miracles and continue to help them grow in their faith.

Speaking of, we were finally able to get in contact with Isabel. We
were driving back from dinner to go home when a thought came to mind
to go and visit her. The feeling wouldn't leave. But it was
inconvenient and I felt done. Then a quiet voice came to my mind,
"it's not over, til it's over." So we turned on her street. (This is
the apartment complex that is always locked now because of us) but
another thought came to drive to the other side of the building.
Sister Copeland got out to see if the side door was unlocked.

It was.

We spoke to Isabel and set up an appointment for this evening. I LOVE
her, and I know it's for a reason.

I'm grateful that Heavenly Father loves me enough to help me be
humble. I feel more happiness when I lay down my will for His.

We also saw a lot of miracles this week! An old man also bible-bashed
us this week. But he was 91. So I won't hold it against him. We simply
testified of Jesus Christ. It strengthened my faith in the Savior's
restored Gospel!

I know that this is all True. And I'm so excited to share this with the world!

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