Thursday, June 16, 2016

It's Like Being Cremated

It was really HOT this week. And as were walking out of our apartment, sister Copeland compared the heat to cremation. 

She's hilarious. And I love her. 

One Year ago this past week, Olivia hid my mission call in the dining room under the chair. 
Good times!
I had no idea that a year from then, I'd be in Buffalo Grove, Illinois with Sister Copeland. I had no idea that a year from then, I would know Janet or Isabel! 

We went over on Tuesday for our appointment with Janet. She didn't answer the door so we were a bit disappointed. But Thursday after Zone conference and after dinner, we decided to stop by. We rang the doorbell and there was no answer. Then we saw a friend she lived with, bringing the garbage to the curb. They told us that Janet was on the back porch. So we followed them around the house. It was so cute. Janet's face lit up when she saw us, and then said in her sassy voice: "you're two days late!" 
Hahaha, we told her we had stopped by, but she said she was probably in the back, and they don't hear the doorbell from there. 

Anyways, we sat down and started talking with her. Then she told us she HAD READ THE INTRODUCTION PAGE TO THE BOOK OF MORMON. #FutureCovenantKeeper
We talked for a bit about her son who had passed away approximately three years ago. Sister Copeland asked if she believed in an after-life, and she said that she was undecided. Somehow we ended up reading in 3rd Nephi 11:13. As we read about Jesus Christ I felt very strongly that one day Christ will extend that same invitation to us that He extended to those people. We shared that with her and testified that because of Him, we will see our loved ones again. 

There are a lot more details to this story that would take forever for you to read, and for me to write, but I just want to tell you all how much I love her. I see her potential, and it is so tender. I can literally see her dressed in white, and see her making people laugh in the halls at church. I can see her being called to serve in the nursery. She would LOVE it. She is so precious, and I love her. More than that, we testified that we knew God loved her.
We also invited Janet to pray about the Book of Mormon. She's pretty stubborn about it and didn't make any promises, so if you have a moment, please pray that she'll ask Heavenly Father! 

This Thursday was also our last zone conference with President Woodbury. It was uplifting, bittersweet, and a whole mess of emotions. We took "Goodbye" pictures with him and asked to take a selfie. We ended up having someone take it for us. Whatevs... 
I LOVE that man. 

Saturday we had a lesson with ISABEL. :) She is SO sweet. I adore her. She's a TEJANA. And We were both excited because I was telling her how my dad was from Brownsville. She grew up in Laredo. I was so surprised. I did not think she was Hispanic. Then we bonded. 

ANYWAYS- we are preparing her to be baptized on July 23rd!!! In our lesson, she kept saying how much peace she felt when we were there. She expressed that she wished she could carry us around wherever she went because she feels so stressed every day, but when we're around, it goes away. We talked about the Book of Mormon and downloaded the Gospel Library app on her iPad. We testified of Joseph Smith and the first vision. Then we showed her a 4 minute video of the first vision. Afterwards we asked her how she felt. She said, "you won't believe this, but when you guys came I had a headache, and as I watched that video, it went away." We testified that that was the Holy Ghost and that the peace she felt was also the Spirit. We invited her to be baptized, (then sister Copeland explained the priesthood like a boss), and Isabel readily accepted. It's going to be a little bit of journey to get her there, but we believe in her and love her. We will be taking her on a church-tour on Wednesday. Prayers on her behalf would be greatly appreciated too! 

Well y'all, I Love being a missionary. And my life has been so incredibly blessed and changed by being able to know Isabel and Janet, and simply serving the Lord. I love them so much. As I've envisioned who they can be, and as I've prayed for them, it's given me a little glimpse as to how Heavenly Father feels about me and everyone around me. 

I know that God loves us. 
I know that He believes in us. 

This quote helped me to be better this week! 

"Anyone can be pleasant and patient and forgiving on a good day. A Christian has to be pleasant and patient and forgiving on all days." - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Love, Sister Gallegos

1. ISABEL. ❤️🇲🇽
2. President And sister Woodbury! :) 
3. Terence. My spirit animal. 
4. Sister Williams is going home. I had to take a picture. I LOVE her. 

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