Monday, May 30, 2016

We gon Find You

This week we found TWO NEW INVESTIGATORS!!

And, sweet little Lucy was born. :) Sister Copeland and I were dying over the pictures, and felt like she brought a lot of miracles with her. I love Maddie and Lucy! 

So, on Wednesday we had 30 minutes before dinner. We had a thought to go to Target, and on the way we felt like we should go see Felipa. (A former investigator). We quickly got into the turning lane and drove to her apartment complex. 
A man was out going inside while we were walking up. He held the door open for us, (the door used to stay open until we tracted there for like 2 weeks on end.) and we walked through. We walked past a certain door on the first floor and then began to climb the stairs. We were feeling pretty down. We wondered what we were doing wrong. Without knowing it, we were both praying and had both been drawn to that door. We felt like we needed to go back and knock on it. Isabel answered the door. She is SO CUTE. She's in her 40's or 50's and married. 
We showed her the Hallelujah video and invited her to learn more. She said she would love that. We had our first lesson with her on Saturday. (And we were able to get in because that SAME guy was outside. This time I had to sprint to catch the door before it closed... But we still got in, and had prayed that we could!) Sister Bennett came with us too. We taught about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation. Then Isabel ASKED US if we could come over every week.  Haha, YES. 

On FRIDAY, we went back to that same building, and it just so happened that there was a woman outside letting her dog do its business. So we were able to get in that way! (God is in control!) (and He answers prayers.) And we felt like we should knock on Jessica's door. (She lives on the second floor and is a former investigator). We showed her the hallelujah video too. She really opened up to us about what she's going through, and expressed that she felt she had no time. But we testified that God put her as a priority in His life. She agreed to meet with us on Wednesday. 

This week we did a lot of tracting (as you can tell), and prayed a lot. We also have been helping a lot of our members. We loaded wheelbarrow's with mulch and helped spread that around. As a result, I have received numerous bug bites, and I look more "tan & tasty". 
Our zone also came up with a goal for the rest of the transfer. Every day we need to invite 2 people to learn more about the Gospel. And every week we need to invite 3 people to church and 1 person to be baptized. It's changed EVERYTHING for me and my mission. 
I'm focusing more on specifically INVITING people to learn more, rather than just handing them a card and saying, "check it out." I really believe that we've seen these miracles because we're trying to be obedient and achieve these goals. I believe we're seeing miracles because we're trying to talk to everyone and INVITE. "Success is in the invitation." 

Ultimately, I KNOW that we're seeing miracles because it's all in God's hands and He LOVES Isabel and Jessica. He loves His children. And I know that if we makes ourselves available to Him, He will use us to help His children. Sister Copeland is really good at reminding me of that! 

On Saturday we were able to see the Kappelman family be sealed for time and all eternity! It was the sweetest Spirit in that room. Especially as the children walked in with the cutest smiles on all their faces. It was very tender. I'm grateful for eternal families. I am grateful for the restored gospel. 

Being a missionary is so great.  :) 
There are so many miracles. So many prayers answered.

Hope y'all have a great week. 
Don't forget to share the Gospel! 

Love, Sister Gallegos

1. Sister Copeland introduced me to F'reals
2. Us at the Temple!
4. Illinois is really beautiful.

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