Monday, May 16, 2016


We saw so many miracles this week!
Last weekend I realized that I needed to re-center myself on the work. As I've done that, EVERYTHING has been 10x more amazing. 
I was trying to fix a problem by focusing on it. Haha, but little wonder that when I focused on Christ, that problem fixed itself out, and things are better than ever. :)) 

Also- I get to be with sister Copeland again this transfer! I LOVE her soooo much! We laugh so hard all the time, and she's such a great example to me. She makes me want to be more like Jesus Christ! I am SO Lucky. Haha, she's like a sister to me!
I'm excited to start my 8th transfer! Time is going faster. 😢

Jasmine & Mari
At the beginning of April, sister Copeland and I went tracting with sister Polikowski. We tracted into Jasmine and showed her the Halelujah video. Ever since then we've been trying to get a lesson scheduled with her but haven't been able to until THIS WEEK. WHAT???? We met her at the library and she brought her friend Mari! (Turns out Mari was in the apartment listening to the video when we tracted into Jasmine!) The lesson was amazing. We talked about the Book of Mormon and the plan of Salvation. Jasmine and Mari are both 15 and so sensitive to the Spirit. They mentioned how they felt peace and felt like this was good and like we could help them come closer to Christ. We testified that it wasn't a coincidence we tracted into them! (Especially because we wanted to leave earlier but sister Polikowski encouraged us to knock on just 2 more doors!! And Jasmine was at that 2nd door.) 

Sister Plomgren and I met Lace one night in January or February when we stopped to get gas. She works at the gas station!! We left, but felt prompted to go back and give her a card. Haven't thought much about it since then. Except for this past week! Every time we passed that road, the spirit told me we needed to go see her! I ignored it until the Spirit straight up told me that I needed to make myself available to Him, and if I did, that's when the miracles start happening. So I was like, "K, cool." And we saw her and chatted for a minute then left. The next day was zone training. President Woodbury testified that we were called of God. The Spirit told me that we needed to go back and testify of that to Lace. It was really nerve-racking because we didn't know how to make it non-awkward, but eventually we went in and testified, and sister Copeland is SO inspired. We gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet and invited her to read it. 

We met Janet while we were tracting this week. Several years ago someone had given her a Book of Mormon. Coincidence? I think NOT! We talked with her for about 20 minutes. It was AWESOME.At first she said she was a "non-believer" but by the end of our conversation she admitted that she prayed aloud to God and that it helps her. She then told us that we could come back. :) 

This quote has been on my mind this week:

"My nature changed. Who I am as a human being is DIFFERENT than who I was." 

I hope that one day I can be a more loyal, clean and devoted follower of Jesus Christ. I am grateful that through Jesus Christ, I can become better. And not only can He help me to change my behavior, but He also can change my nature. I know that He lives.
He is my closest friend. 
He's the reason I'm here. 
KNOW that if we put Him at the center of our lives and families, that everything else will be OK. 
God lives, and I am grateful that He has led me here. That He has allowed a "weak soul" like me to represent His Son. A sister this week told me that we are all just a group of "weak souls". 
I love that. 
I love Him. 
I love you! 

Sister Gallegos

1. Me and the best companion ever!! 
2. A sweet Romanian lady from our ward we visit frequently! And her grandson!
3. Lake Zurich! 
4. Ice cream from Dairy Queen (thought of Mom and Dad!)  

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