Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Mothers Day

The weeks are going faster and faster. 
People warned/told me that once I reached halfway, time would jump into hyper speed.  
It's weeeeird! 

As per usual, we did a lot of finding.
We also got kicked out of Walmart. 
It was my first time being kicked out of anywhere, so that was a little, "ouch". But we're going to go back this week. #LookAtMeNow 

anyways.... We think one of the people we gave a card to went and complained to a worker. They're onto us... 

BUT, previous to being kicked out of Walmart, we gave a card to a girl named Emma. I started talking with her in the bathroom and then saw her later while we were walking around the store. She was super sweet. We gave her a card and invited her to learn more. She's not very "religious" as she puts it, but I had a great feeling about her and we had a great conversation. 

NATHAN : We call him our district investigator. He's a student from a Protestant university and needed to interview someone from another faith. He just so happened to come to the church and the family history center at the time of our district meeting. #NoCoincidences - And the family history consultant gave him to us. It was like a panel. It reminded me of the MTC where we taught an "investigator" with a couple other companionships. It was a great experience and he felt the Spirit. We all did.

And he's coming back this week! It's going to be great. 

We also did some service for this lady. She made me suspicious...and I felt like she was using us, but I'm trying to be like Jesus. We got to spend an hour and a half sorting nasty-worn shoes with the other sisters. That was fun. (Being with the sisters) Sister Copeland and I then got ice cream cones. It was legit. 

We also went on exchanges this week. I went with sister Goulding. I love her! She's the sweetest. :))) 

Our ward mission leader, (Brother Madura) also known as, "The Best Person Ever" got released yesterday. It was real sad. But his family had us over and sang happy birthday to their son, and elder Nelson and I. They also fed us cake. And gave us balloons. It was so sweet! 

Our new ward mission leader is also the I'm pretty sure he's one of the 3 nephites. Big things are happening here. I love being here! 

We are SO excited for this week! 
We get to do missionary work. 
(We also get to see our Mom's!) 
I love it. 
I love it all. 
I'm grateful for all the blessings that God has given me, and I thank Him every day for the opportunity to be a missionary. It's the hardest best thing I've ever done. 

In January I made a sticky note with about 5 goals on it about how I was going to work hard every day and give ALL that I have, and do all this great stuff. Then this week I was talking with someone about expectations. They asked me if I thought I was a great missionary. I was squirming in my seat, and said, "uh..." 
We then went through a list of what I thought qualified someone to be a "great missionary". Long story short, this person helped me to realize that my expectations were too high. I used words like "ALWAYS", "ALL", "EVERY", etc. to define what I thought was a great missionary. We then talked about the Savior and how He invites us to TRY.
It has brought me a profound sense of peace and comfort. 
So I ripped up that little sticky note and wrote my new goal that I will be working towards for the rest of my mission (and life): "To love Jesus Christ and be His." 
I believe that if I can love Christ more than I did at the beginning of my mission, then these 18 months have been a success. Because that love for Him will motivate me and anyone, to action: to TRY and become more like Him. 

I encourage each of us to try to love Jesus Christ more this week. It's already changing the way I do things as I've re-centered this whole experience on Him. Im grateful for the Lord's reminder that He is the Why of a mission and life. I know that He lives, and that He is the essence of Love! 

Love, sister Gallegos 

1. By Lake Michigan. It sure is windy! 
2. That one time there was a huge hail storm and the hail was HUGE. 
3. Me being a missionary and loving it. 
4. Roasting marshmallows over our stove. 

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