Monday, May 30, 2016

We gon Find You

This week we found TWO NEW INVESTIGATORS!!

And, sweet little Lucy was born. :) Sister Copeland and I were dying over the pictures, and felt like she brought a lot of miracles with her. I love Maddie and Lucy! 

So, on Wednesday we had 30 minutes before dinner. We had a thought to go to Target, and on the way we felt like we should go see Felipa. (A former investigator). We quickly got into the turning lane and drove to her apartment complex. 
A man was out going inside while we were walking up. He held the door open for us, (the door used to stay open until we tracted there for like 2 weeks on end.) and we walked through. We walked past a certain door on the first floor and then began to climb the stairs. We were feeling pretty down. We wondered what we were doing wrong. Without knowing it, we were both praying and had both been drawn to that door. We felt like we needed to go back and knock on it. Isabel answered the door. She is SO CUTE. She's in her 40's or 50's and married. 
We showed her the Hallelujah video and invited her to learn more. She said she would love that. We had our first lesson with her on Saturday. (And we were able to get in because that SAME guy was outside. This time I had to sprint to catch the door before it closed... But we still got in, and had prayed that we could!) Sister Bennett came with us too. We taught about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation. Then Isabel ASKED US if we could come over every week.  Haha, YES. 

On FRIDAY, we went back to that same building, and it just so happened that there was a woman outside letting her dog do its business. So we were able to get in that way! (God is in control!) (and He answers prayers.) And we felt like we should knock on Jessica's door. (She lives on the second floor and is a former investigator). We showed her the hallelujah video too. She really opened up to us about what she's going through, and expressed that she felt she had no time. But we testified that God put her as a priority in His life. She agreed to meet with us on Wednesday. 

This week we did a lot of tracting (as you can tell), and prayed a lot. We also have been helping a lot of our members. We loaded wheelbarrow's with mulch and helped spread that around. As a result, I have received numerous bug bites, and I look more "tan & tasty". 
Our zone also came up with a goal for the rest of the transfer. Every day we need to invite 2 people to learn more about the Gospel. And every week we need to invite 3 people to church and 1 person to be baptized. It's changed EVERYTHING for me and my mission. 
I'm focusing more on specifically INVITING people to learn more, rather than just handing them a card and saying, "check it out." I really believe that we've seen these miracles because we're trying to be obedient and achieve these goals. I believe we're seeing miracles because we're trying to talk to everyone and INVITE. "Success is in the invitation." 

Ultimately, I KNOW that we're seeing miracles because it's all in God's hands and He LOVES Isabel and Jessica. He loves His children. And I know that if we makes ourselves available to Him, He will use us to help His children. Sister Copeland is really good at reminding me of that! 

On Saturday we were able to see the Kappelman family be sealed for time and all eternity! It was the sweetest Spirit in that room. Especially as the children walked in with the cutest smiles on all their faces. It was very tender. I'm grateful for eternal families. I am grateful for the restored gospel. 

Being a missionary is so great.  :) 
There are so many miracles. So many prayers answered.

Hope y'all have a great week. 
Don't forget to share the Gospel! 

Love, Sister Gallegos

1. Sister Copeland introduced me to F'reals
2. Us at the Temple!
4. Illinois is really beautiful.

Monday, May 23, 2016


As you can guess, we went to the Temple this week. 
But before I get to that, I want to share a couple of the many miracles we saw this week. 

1. Leah : she's a less-active member in our ward that not many people have met with. She lives in a gated community (#NorthSIDE) so we were scared to go to the gate. The security guard called her and SHE LET US IN. She was SO nice. We visited with her adorable family for 10-15 minutes and then showed them the Halelujah video. The Spirit was definitely there. Turns out that her husband is also a less-active member, but everyone thought he was a non-member! Sister Copeland figured it all out by looking at all our records. She's genius. ;) 

(Mini interlude: I LOVE SISTER COPELAND. She's such a great example to me!! And makes me LOL, all the time!)

2. Alexandra : we've been trying to meet her somehow for a loooong time. We haven't until this week! She was so nice and we talked to her for a while before we had to go. 

3. Patricia is a member we visit about every week. She's been working on a book the past 6+ months and just published it via Amazon! She gave sister Copeland and I each a copy and signed it. It was SO cute. Then we took a picture with her. I LOVE that woman. 

There's been other miracles this week! We've been so busy. We've been finding! And this weekend there was a "Chocolate Fest" in downtown LongGrove, (like downtown Hillsboro farmer's markets...but more alcohol and more people...). There were SO many people. It was fun and we had some great conversations. Haha, a lot of the people we spoke with had connections to Mormons. Coincidence? I think NOT! 

But the ultimate highlight of my week was the Temple. 
After the endowment session we were given the opportunity to participate in Sealings as children. It was one of the sweetest experiences I've had in the Temple. It brought the whole "picture" together. This is what it's all about. I got a wee bit teary-eyed. The Spirit was so strong. 

And this coming weekend we're going to be able to see a family from our ward get Sealed! AHHHH! I'm SO excited for the Kappelman's! I LOVE them so much. 

Also, after we were done meeting with President and sister Woodbury, we went to the mission office. I walk in last, and who do I see? SISTER PLOMGREN. I screamed, and we hugged. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture below, but I was REAL happy to see her! (LOVE YOU PLOMDOG) It was a tender mercy! 

I've said this in a lot of emails, but I'm so grateful to be a missionary. The longer I'm here, the more I realize that a lot of things in "real life" and in missions are trivial. At the beginning of my mission I was concerned and caught up in things that just DON'T matter. Sometimes I still get that way. But the Spirit has been teaching me that these are distractions used to pull my focus away from God's work. I know that if I put God and His will for me, FIRST, then all other things will fall into place. If I focus on His children, everything else will be okay. 

On Sunday a girl gave her farewell talk. She's headed to Spain. The emphasis in her talk was about the Lord telling us to "Fear not". And how that gave her peace. It brought me back to when I was about to leave on the mission. I was so scared. I didn't know how I was going to do this. I didn't know what to expect. All I knew, was that I was in the right place at the right time. A lot of miracles happened in those 12 days and at the end, I was terrified to go to Chicago. What if I couldn't do it? Well, I received a blessing before I left, in which I was told that "Heavenly Father would be with me every step of the way." And He was. And has been every day. 

All these thoughts were going through my mind as she was speaking, and I felt God's love fill my soul. He reminded me that He was still there. 

I want to testify that He's there, reaching out to each of us. Even if we feel like He's distant. I know that He walks with us. Sometimes we just have to open our hearts in order to see it. 

Have a great week. 
Don't forget to share the Gospel!

Sister Gallegos 

Monday, May 16, 2016


We saw so many miracles this week!
Last weekend I realized that I needed to re-center myself on the work. As I've done that, EVERYTHING has been 10x more amazing. 
I was trying to fix a problem by focusing on it. Haha, but little wonder that when I focused on Christ, that problem fixed itself out, and things are better than ever. :)) 

Also- I get to be with sister Copeland again this transfer! I LOVE her soooo much! We laugh so hard all the time, and she's such a great example to me. She makes me want to be more like Jesus Christ! I am SO Lucky. Haha, she's like a sister to me!
I'm excited to start my 8th transfer! Time is going faster. 😢

Jasmine & Mari
At the beginning of April, sister Copeland and I went tracting with sister Polikowski. We tracted into Jasmine and showed her the Halelujah video. Ever since then we've been trying to get a lesson scheduled with her but haven't been able to until THIS WEEK. WHAT???? We met her at the library and she brought her friend Mari! (Turns out Mari was in the apartment listening to the video when we tracted into Jasmine!) The lesson was amazing. We talked about the Book of Mormon and the plan of Salvation. Jasmine and Mari are both 15 and so sensitive to the Spirit. They mentioned how they felt peace and felt like this was good and like we could help them come closer to Christ. We testified that it wasn't a coincidence we tracted into them! (Especially because we wanted to leave earlier but sister Polikowski encouraged us to knock on just 2 more doors!! And Jasmine was at that 2nd door.) 

Sister Plomgren and I met Lace one night in January or February when we stopped to get gas. She works at the gas station!! We left, but felt prompted to go back and give her a card. Haven't thought much about it since then. Except for this past week! Every time we passed that road, the spirit told me we needed to go see her! I ignored it until the Spirit straight up told me that I needed to make myself available to Him, and if I did, that's when the miracles start happening. So I was like, "K, cool." And we saw her and chatted for a minute then left. The next day was zone training. President Woodbury testified that we were called of God. The Spirit told me that we needed to go back and testify of that to Lace. It was really nerve-racking because we didn't know how to make it non-awkward, but eventually we went in and testified, and sister Copeland is SO inspired. We gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet and invited her to read it. 

We met Janet while we were tracting this week. Several years ago someone had given her a Book of Mormon. Coincidence? I think NOT! We talked with her for about 20 minutes. It was AWESOME.At first she said she was a "non-believer" but by the end of our conversation she admitted that she prayed aloud to God and that it helps her. She then told us that we could come back. :) 

This quote has been on my mind this week:

"My nature changed. Who I am as a human being is DIFFERENT than who I was." 

I hope that one day I can be a more loyal, clean and devoted follower of Jesus Christ. I am grateful that through Jesus Christ, I can become better. And not only can He help me to change my behavior, but He also can change my nature. I know that He lives.
He is my closest friend. 
He's the reason I'm here. 
KNOW that if we put Him at the center of our lives and families, that everything else will be OK. 
God lives, and I am grateful that He has led me here. That He has allowed a "weak soul" like me to represent His Son. A sister this week told me that we are all just a group of "weak souls". 
I love that. 
I love Him. 
I love you! 

Sister Gallegos

1. Me and the best companion ever!! 
2. A sweet Romanian lady from our ward we visit frequently! And her grandson!
3. Lake Zurich! 
4. Ice cream from Dairy Queen (thought of Mom and Dad!)  

Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9th - Da Flu

The first half of this week we did a lot of stop-by's and finding. I also made enchiladas and guacamole, and then we ate it its Allie for cinco de Mayo! 🇲🇽 

The second half of the week included a lot of DayQuil and doodling because poor sister Copeland got the flu!! 😥
She's gotten better, but because we are around each other 24/7, I woke up late this morning with my head pounding and the sniffles. Oh well! The church is True. :)) 

It was AWESOME skyping with the Fam! That was my highlight this week. #FamsRForever

And thanks for all the cards and love that I received in the mail this week! 
Wednesday morning sister Copeland made me chocolate chip muffins and sang to me. After district meeting the other sisters and us went to Red Robin. It was so much fun!! I love them! And sister Plomdog called and sang happy birthday to me. 😢 I was so spoiled. That night, sister Brady took us to Portillos.... It was so good!! 

I'm so grateful to be a missionary. I'm so grateful for my family. I love you all! 
We will find out on Saturday about transfers. Our prediction is that we are staying together! We will see! 

Also, before I end this email I want to say that I Love Jesus Christ. He is my Best Friend and I feel closer to Him here than I ever have before. Sometimes I have felt like I can never measure up to the person or missionary He wants me to be, but this week He reminded and taught me that He is really proud of me and of what I view as "small efforts". I am grateful for His mercy and his unmeasurable love that He extends to all of us. I am grateful that He loves us for who we are, and that He never compares us to each other. 
I could go on forever about what I love about Him, but I just want to end by saying that I believe in Him. I know that He lives. 

Sister Gallegos 

1. Chocolate chip muffins! Made by sister Copeland! ❤
2. Skype ❤
3. Red Robin with mah homie Sister Trowbridge!
4. Happy cinco de mayo! 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Mothers Day

The weeks are going faster and faster. 
People warned/told me that once I reached halfway, time would jump into hyper speed.  
It's weeeeird! 

As per usual, we did a lot of finding.
We also got kicked out of Walmart. 
It was my first time being kicked out of anywhere, so that was a little, "ouch". But we're going to go back this week. #LookAtMeNow 

anyways.... We think one of the people we gave a card to went and complained to a worker. They're onto us... 

BUT, previous to being kicked out of Walmart, we gave a card to a girl named Emma. I started talking with her in the bathroom and then saw her later while we were walking around the store. She was super sweet. We gave her a card and invited her to learn more. She's not very "religious" as she puts it, but I had a great feeling about her and we had a great conversation. 

NATHAN : We call him our district investigator. He's a student from a Protestant university and needed to interview someone from another faith. He just so happened to come to the church and the family history center at the time of our district meeting. #NoCoincidences - And the family history consultant gave him to us. It was like a panel. It reminded me of the MTC where we taught an "investigator" with a couple other companionships. It was a great experience and he felt the Spirit. We all did.

And he's coming back this week! It's going to be great. 

We also did some service for this lady. She made me suspicious...and I felt like she was using us, but I'm trying to be like Jesus. We got to spend an hour and a half sorting nasty-worn shoes with the other sisters. That was fun. (Being with the sisters) Sister Copeland and I then got ice cream cones. It was legit. 

We also went on exchanges this week. I went with sister Goulding. I love her! She's the sweetest. :))) 

Our ward mission leader, (Brother Madura) also known as, "The Best Person Ever" got released yesterday. It was real sad. But his family had us over and sang happy birthday to their son, and elder Nelson and I. They also fed us cake. And gave us balloons. It was so sweet! 

Our new ward mission leader is also the I'm pretty sure he's one of the 3 nephites. Big things are happening here. I love being here! 

We are SO excited for this week! 
We get to do missionary work. 
(We also get to see our Mom's!) 
I love it. 
I love it all. 
I'm grateful for all the blessings that God has given me, and I thank Him every day for the opportunity to be a missionary. It's the hardest best thing I've ever done. 

In January I made a sticky note with about 5 goals on it about how I was going to work hard every day and give ALL that I have, and do all this great stuff. Then this week I was talking with someone about expectations. They asked me if I thought I was a great missionary. I was squirming in my seat, and said, "uh..." 
We then went through a list of what I thought qualified someone to be a "great missionary". Long story short, this person helped me to realize that my expectations were too high. I used words like "ALWAYS", "ALL", "EVERY", etc. to define what I thought was a great missionary. We then talked about the Savior and how He invites us to TRY.
It has brought me a profound sense of peace and comfort. 
So I ripped up that little sticky note and wrote my new goal that I will be working towards for the rest of my mission (and life): "To love Jesus Christ and be His." 
I believe that if I can love Christ more than I did at the beginning of my mission, then these 18 months have been a success. Because that love for Him will motivate me and anyone, to action: to TRY and become more like Him. 

I encourage each of us to try to love Jesus Christ more this week. It's already changing the way I do things as I've re-centered this whole experience on Him. Im grateful for the Lord's reminder that He is the Why of a mission and life. I know that He lives, and that He is the essence of Love! 

Love, sister Gallegos 

1. By Lake Michigan. It sure is windy! 
2. That one time there was a huge hail storm and the hail was HUGE. 
3. Me being a missionary and loving it. 
4. Roasting marshmallows over our stove.