Monday, April 25, 2016

Why is April almost over?

Guess what? I love this whole mission thing.
I also love my companion.
I am so blessed!

This week FLEW by! Where did April go?

A lot of random events happened this week.
Such as:
- Getting our car fixed at a mall
- Going to the doctor's, again.
- We drank chocolate milk.
- We got up and exercised a morning this week. #Miracles

Speaking of Miracles:
- Rafael: he's a worker at Payless that we had given a pass-along card
to a couple months ago. Sister Copeland had a prompting to go to a
store near that one, so we figured we should see if he was working
then too! And he was! Turns out it's one of his last nights working
there. We talked to him for a good 20 minutes and showed him the
Halelujah video. He wasn't interested in meeting with us, but it was
definitely a tender mercy. We testified of Jesus Christ and the need
for a Savior in our lives. I know that a few years from now,
missionaries will run into him, and he'll be ready then.
- Bianca: we were tracting and ran into her. We asked her what her
name was and I thought she was going to say Beyoncé, and I was
freaking out, cause I was like, this is a SIGN. Then she said Bianca,
and I was like, that's chill too. But she was super friendly and said
we could go back and show her the video.

This was a fast and challenging week.
I received so many tender mercies. Someone gave us chocolate and
marshmallows, I received a few emails throughout the week from
friends. We saw miracles. Someone took us out to Taco Bell.
I know that God works through us and the people in our sphere, to help
and uplift us. He sends His love through so many ways. I am grateful
for that.
I'm grateful for all of you.

I love being a missionary.
Ultimately, I love Jesus Christ.
I love what He is trying to teach me through this experience.
I know that Jesus Christ loves us immeasurably.

Sister Gallegos

1. Sister Copeland and I trying on sunglasses at the mall while our
car was being fixed!
2. Sister Dawson is one of the sweetest human beings on the earth. She
took us out to Taco Bell, and then we took pics with her.
3. Have any of you tried Mochi? It's my favorite dessert. It's SO good.
4. The Greatest person who ever lived. And one of my new favorite
paintings of Him.

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