Monday, March 28, 2016

What's Up! Happy week of General Conference

2. We were SO busy this week.

We helped move some neighbors of the Pattee's(some members from our
ward). We spent three days there this week packing up boxes and deep
cleaning the house. On the last day we were there we deep cleaned for
a looooong time. There was dust all up in that house and in my lungs.
They're an awesome family. They asked a lot of questions about the
church and about missionaries. It was so great!

We visited Elizabeth this week-the woman we ran into a couple weeks
ago-and she fed us ice cream. So I assumed it was all good. And then
some bible-bashing started to come down on us, and our replies were
never enough. But I felt the Spirit so strong. My testimony and my
faith was strengthened that this church IS true and that I'm here for
the right reason. But through some questions, the Spirit came into the
discussion and her heart was softened.

Then on Saturday our district did a "finding" activity. It was so much
fun and so beautiful! The sun was out and it was 52 degrees! Sister
Plomgren made the posters, and I cut out paper Easter eggs. We plopped
down a table on one of the corners in a cute little town. It's like
downtown Hillsboro where we have farmer's markets. There were lots of
people there.

Anyways, on one of the posters there was a question: "Who is Jesus
Christ to you?"
And on the other poster was #Hallelujah. We went around asking people
the question, and then wrote their answers down on an Easter egg and
taped it to the #Hallelujah poster! A lot of people honked, waved, and
talked to us. It was legit. One conversation we had with a man has
been on my mind.

We walked up to him, explained what we were doing, and then asked him
the question. He stiffened a little and then said, "I'm Jewish-I'm not
sure how to answer that question. He was an amazing person but I don't
believe in His teachings." We wrote down, 'an amazing person' on the
egg and thanked him for his time. He was really pleasant, and
expressed that he and his wife had just been having a conversation
about this because of the Easter season. It was great to speak with

This encounter gave me greater understanding that not only are
missionaries set apart to teach and testify of the Restored gospel of
Christ's church, but to also testify that Jesus is the Savior that was
prophesied to come and save us. I am so grateful for the sacred
opportunity to be set apart and called to serve Jesus Christ; to
testify that I know He is the Christ. I know that He is the Savior and
Redeemer of us all.  He lived a sinless life and walked among
every-day people like us. I know that He atoned for our sins, that He
died for us, and that He lives again and lives still. I know that He
cares about us and that He plays a detailed part in our lives, even if
we don't know Him or think He is there. I believe in Jesus Christ. And
I am grateful to be one of His disciples, servants and missionaries.
There is no greater calling or cause, than the cause of Jesus Christ!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. At a dinner appointment this
week, this sweet family gave us a bag with Easter coloring pages and
candy. It was so tender. And I colored the pages on Sunday morning
hahaha. I also loved the general women's conference on Saturday night.
It was A+! I am STOKED for General conference. We also receive
transfer calls this week. So we will see how it goes!

Here's a quote I've been thinking about all week:
"Putting a tag on doesn't make you a missionary and taking it off
doesn't release you." - sister Carol M. Stephens

Have a GREAT week!

Sister Gallegos

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