Monday, April 4, 2016


General Conference was A+. We watched it with sister Polikowski on Saturday and then at the church on Sunday. SO good. 

And....Sister Plomgren is being transferred down to Indiana with her MTC companion! 
I'm staying here and sister Copeland (who came out with sis. Plomgren) is coming up. It's going to be great! 

I am going to miss Sister Plomdog. She is my homie and friend for life. I love her with my whole heart and am going to miss her. I can't really begin to tell y'all how much it has meant to me to be companions with her. 

But here are a few of the many miracles we experienced this week:
One time, we were at Walmart. (#StoryOfMyLife) 
And every single person we met and talked to was linked to someone who is a member of the church. One old woman's grandfather was a member and had left journals with writings of his beliefs. One woman's mother was meeting with the missionaries. It was AWESOME. And we were able to leave them with an Easter card and then invited them to learn more.

MARY: "I know it's not a coincidence that you guys are here."
We met Mary on Wednesday at McDonald's. We felt that we needed to wait before leaving to give her a card. We ended up sitting down and talking with her. We showed her the Easter video. We talked to her about Christ and the difference He makes in our lives. She was very intoxicated, so the conversation kept going different places. But she gave us her contact info and we set up a time to meet. 
Thursday we fasted that her mind would be clear and she could feel the Spirit. 
Friday we had our lesson. 
When we got there, she appeared so downtrodden. Her countenance was low and she never looked up for very long. She was sad. But she was far more lucid and sober than she was previously. Sister Pattee was the perfect fit. She kicked off the lesson with a bang. The Spirit entered. Sister Plomgren and sister Pattee were inspired. Their words were perfect. We invited Mary to read a part of the Book of Mormon each day and to pray each day. This poor woman is at the bottom. She's not just having a bad day, she has hit the rock bottom of what life has to offer. And she wants to get back on the path. As the visit went on, the Spirit testified to me that God loves Mary. She has a special place in His heart. And He wants her and her life to be filled with happiness. I wanted to help her. 
Sister Plomgren then shared the story about the man at the pool of Bethesda. The Spirit poured into that little room as sister Plomgren testified with the Spirit. We closed with a prayer. And at the end of it, sister Pattee asked what she was thinking about. 
Mary then said, "I can only go Up." 

On Thursday we fasted for two people: Mary & Diane. Diane is a long-term investigator. She's been going to church and learning about the gospel for 7+ years. And there hasn't been a lesson with her since November. We've tried calling and texting but all our plans fall through. Finally we decide to just stop by again. So on Wednesday she was home and invited us over for a lesson... WHAT? Thursday we fasted for our lesson with her. Friday rolls around and the lesson was going to fall through again, but we prayed and asked to come over that evening. SHE SAID IT WAS GOOD. We hustle over there and show her the Easter video. She opened up about her concerns and then ASKED for us to come over and teach her! 
As we were leaving she said, "thanks for not losing me". 


love being a missionary. 

I don't have the words to convey how I feel to be here. 

This quote from a fireside/talk thing has been stuck in my mind this week:
"I intended to go and make a difference, but the biggest difference was made in me."

The biggest difference has been made in me. 

I know that this church is True because it is Christ's church. I know that Jesus Christ can make us better people. He has made Me a better person. Im grateful to be a servant and disciple of Jesus Christ. Not just for 18 months, but Forever.

Sister Gallegos

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