Thursday, March 10, 2016

I Love Jesus

I'm happy x 162727283883893 today!

Mainly because it's sunny, 50 degrees, and there's no snow on the
ground. Also, Jesus.

Being a missionary is so great!  It was one of those weeks where it's
SO LONG at the beginning but then looking back it's flown by! Kind've
like my mission. ANYWAYS, have I expressed to y'all yet about how much
I LOVE this ward and these people? I love them a TON. It feels like my
home away from home. This area has been such a blessing to me and has
been my "turning point". I have been so happy and full of joy.

Random side note: I've made a goal to read all the standard works
(bible, Book of Mormon, doctrine and covenants) all that good stuff.
And I just got to Numbers. But I've got to say that Genesis reminds me
of a Spanish soap opera. It's cray. That's all I wanted to say. Haha.

So: This week was long but we had some tender mercies.

- We went to "Feed My Starving Children" (it's like a food bank) and
we put labels on bags for about an hour and a half. We got to sit next
to and talk to a girl named 'D'. She was so sweet and kind. We
talked a little bit about the church but mainly we just got to know
her. And it was GREAT. Haha, it was great to actually have a
conversation with someone who didn't think we were crazy!

- A couple in our ward took us out to Olive Garden. Hah. Nuff said.

- We stopped by an eccentric member from Romania in our ward this week
and we were laughing and visiting with her. She asked how we got along
and Sister P started to joke around and said, "sis G is a lil'
bit crazy." And then the member said, "It must be the Spanish side."
We died laughing.

- We almost got a ticket. The car system wasn't matched up to our
current car, so the vehicle coordinator for the mission sent it to us.
We freaked out a little bit and then we called him and I kept saying
it wasn't the same license plate number. Things got a little heated.
Then the license plates were re-checked and it was confirmed that we
did not go through the red light. Phew. Then it got forwarded to the
Spanish elders. Hahahahaha...

During district meeting this past Wednesday we did a cool object
lesson. Our district leader laid out a few random objects on a table
and had us each pick one. I grabbed a Tide Pen. Then he told us to use
that object to teach a gospel principle.

As I was sitting there waiting for my turn, this little sentence on
the side of the pen jumped out at me: "instant stain remover"
The Spirit was really strong and sent me a simple reminder that Christ
forgives us instantly. He doesn't withhold forgiveness. If we come
unto Him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, He promises that
He will forgive us. That's WHO He is. He is merciful and loving. "The
Savior wants to forgive."

At the beginning of my mission there was a zone conference where some
missionaries encouraged us to serve in a way in which you have no
regrets at the end of the mission. And I was like, ah snap. I already
have a ton of regrets!! I was too scared to talk to that person, and
that person over there, and the other homie over there about the

A friend emailed me a couple weeks later (no doubt inspired by the
Spirit because she didn't know I was struggling with this) and shared
with me that she had been given that same message when she was a
missionary. She bore her testimony to me that it's impossible not to
have regrets because we are all imperfect, and that's what the
Atonement is for. (Thanks Cassidy!!) That simple email and testimony
has taken greater meaning as I've continued through my mission. I have
regrets and imperfections and things I wish I could've done better
with, every day! But because of Jesus Christ my imperfect service and
small/weak offering as His missionary is made whole. If we didn't
struggle or fall short, how could we come to know, rely, and trust in
Jesus Christ?

I love being a missionary. I love Jesus Christ.

His message to "Come follow Me" is too precious not to share with
others. And I need to remind myself of that more often. Especially in
those many moments where I feel too scared to talk to someone!
Missionary work is the most important work we can do. It's about
bringing families together for eternity. It's about bringing souls
unto Jesus Christ. It's about helping our brothers and sisters return
to their Heavenly Father and receive salvation! :))
I'm grateful to be a missionary.

ALSO: I'm sick of snow.
At the beginning of the week there was a blizzard. Then yesterday was
60 degrees. ☀️😭

I hope you all have a great week. I want to challenge y'all to pray
and ask for missionary opportunities this week, and then seek after
them. Whether it's serving/talking to a family member, answering
someone's question, a FB post, making a profile, whatever!
I know that sharing the gospel fills us with peace and happiness. And
I'm going to work really hard this week to step up my game and
"level-up" to like, level 5 missionary or something. #WorkHardPlayHard

Sister Gallegos

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