Monday, February 1, 2016

What's Up!

What's UP
Monday night we did exchanges!! 
Sister G came to our area and sister Plm went with sister T. It was so fun! I love sister G. She's from Australia. Her accent is legit. Whenever she speaks, people turn and listen. It's a great contacting technique because people will listen to her... 
I need an accent. 

Anyways, then sister Plm and I were reunited and we went home and she was hecka sick. 
And has been for the whole week. Poor thing! But this week we are jumping back into the work. We are ready to help this area EXPLODE. 

Sister G taught me a lot about having faith to precede miracles. There ARE people who have been prepared to receive the gospel, WE just need to have the faith and the courage to find them. To hold nothing back and to do WHATEVER it takes. To follow a thought or small prompting. To do everything we can to help people learn about the gospel. 

- We had a lesson with K on Friday night. And we put him on date to be baptized on MARCH 5th!!!!! Ahhhhh! It's a goal to work towards, but he is so ready. He expressed that he feels this void in his heart and that he just needs hope. I really related to what he said, and the Spirit helped me to realize that what K needs is a sense of purpose in his life and to find that hope. I testified that Jesus Christ can make us whole and can fill us with peace. I've felt that same 'void' at times in life and on my mission, but because I have a relationship with Jesus Christ, I know who to turn to. This gospel gives me a purpose in life because it provides me with the 'bigger picture'. 
I know that putting Christ at the center of our lives with fill our hearts with light and peace. 
It was a rocky start with K at the beginning because I didn't feel this 'connection' to him like I did with R, but my love for him has grown through each lesson and through feeling the love that God has for him. We love him and want him to grow closer to Christ and his Heavenly Father. He is so willing to be baptized and to do what it takes to feel whole. We are excited to see his faith grow. 

Lowlight of the week: 
- R has requested to stop taking the lessons. That was tough and abrupt, but I know that God will lead her back when she's ready. Whether that's in this life or the next. She's very special and I love her. It's all going to work out. 

Other than that, nothing much has happened this week, but we are SO pumped to go and find more people to teach. I love being a missionary. Time is flying by and I want to make every second count! 

Sister Gallegos

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