Monday, February 29, 2016

Guess who LOVES being a missionary? MEEE!

Guess who LOVES being a missionary? MEEE!
It's so great. And this week was great. So, you know how we've been struggling? Well this week Heavenly Father poured out blessings upon us.
It started with the meal calendar being FILLED for the week. And then for three days in a row, some members fed us lunch. We were happy campers. I love this ward and these members with all of my little heart! And not just because they feed us.

On a more serious note: Sister P's mom sent us a box full of treats. Can you say #Blessed.
And on an even more serious note: SISTER'S CONFERENCE!!
The theme this time around was a quote by President Monson:
"Be of Good Cheer. The Future is Bright as your Faith."
The Spirit was powerful and touched my heart. Don't you just love the Gospel? The Gospel of Jesus Christ means everything to me! We went through sisters conference talking about our pre-mortal life, our present moment/journey, and facing our futures with Faith. The most powerful moments for me were when we talked about how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can help us through our journey in life and the journey of a mission. The sisters who gave the lesson discussed two ways we can more fully utilize Christ's atonement.
  1. Trust Him
  2. Know Him 
If we Know who Jesus Christ is and have a sense of His character, we can come unto Him with greater faith that He will answer our prayers because of WHO He is. He loves us and WANTS to help and bless us.
Sisters conference was so great! I loved getting to see my friends! And I loved seeing President and Sister Woodbury. They are A+ people.

  • We were able to pass out some cards this week! HOLLA. Sister P is a Boss missionary. She's so great and so strong. I love her so much! 
  • Dinner with sister Pski was A+. She's so sassy and teases me all the time. I ❤️ her. 
  • We had lunch with Allie twice this week!! I LOVE her. Haha she bought this wolf hat/scarf thing and we took pictures with it on. ❤👍🏾
  • M and G gave us milk and cereal for the week! They're so cute! And their baby is the cutest little boy ever. I wish I was as cool as that little baby. I love them! 
  • We had dinner/Family home evening with the K's on Monday. I LOVE them!! They're so funny. And they made sweet pork roast with rice and sweet potatoes. MMMM. 
  • On Wednesday, K officially dropped us. We were going to have a "counter-drop" lesson with him at the O's (a recent couple that moved into the ward), but he called 5 minutes before the appointment and canceled, officially saying "No." But we went to the O's anyways and talked and visited with them for about an hour. They are a POWER couple. All their kids are moved away and have families. And they told us stories about missionary work and about their family. It was the best. Sister O shared two really sweet stories that I needed to hear that day. The Spirit was so strong. Anyways, she is also an artist!! She's amazing! She let us look at her portfolio and then gave us two prints of a pastel portrait she did of Mary and Jesus. She used her daughter and grandson as the models. It's beautiful! I'm sending one home. 
  • Dinner with sister B was also A+. For dessert she gave us "Mochi" ice cream. Have y'all heard of that or had it? It's sweet rice dough wrapped around ice cream. She got it from trader joes. Y'all should try it cause it's DOPE.  Get the chocolate kind. Anyways, I absolutely adore her. ❤❤️ She always gives us the biggest hugs. 

Serving a mission is the absolute best. I feel so at peace all the time. I know that God is in charge and that with His help, we can do all things!

At the end of sisters conference we sang "I Know that my Redeemer Lives." By the second half of verse 2, I couldn't really sing because I had snot coming out of my nose and tears rolling down my cheeks. But I was singing it in my heart. I KNOW that Jesus Christ is my Redeemer and my Savior, and that He lives. He is near. And that is why I am here: To share that testimony and knowledge with others. I want to do better with that this week.

Sister Gallegos

Monday, February 8, 2016

Believe in your Selfie!

Saw a girl wearing a sweatshirt with this phrase on it. Hahaha.

Missions are like roller coasters. There are lots of highs and lows.
This week was a low for sister Plm and I. We did about 30-40
hours of "finding". Where we walked around Walmart, target, Jewel
osco, etc-hoping trying to strike up a conversation with someone about
Jesus. But there were a lot of tender mercies even though no one was
interested. Such as a Selena song playing at Walmart while we were
there. And we were able to hand someone a card and set up an
appointment, even though it fell through. And Walmart sells hostess
cupcakes. . .

But we had a stellar lesson with K! He's still progressing towards
baptism for March 5th. The spirit was so strong in our lesson! We
taught the plan of salvation. And as we went through, he asked
questions, but at the end of it he finally brought up his biggest
concern: Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?
When he asked that, the Spirit hit me. It was a concern that I've had
and have thought about throughout my life. And it's interesting
because in our previous lesson he also brought up a concern that I had
also struggled with.
But I testified that Heavenly Father loves all His children, and that
we don't have all the answers or understand all the "why's", but God
does, and that's why He sent His Son. Through Jesus Christ, all wrongs
will be made right.
I'm so excited for K! It's sweet and humbling to see him progress.

Also transfer calls are this week! Can you believe it's already the
end of this transfer? Crazy! We think and are hoping that sister
Plm is going to stay for one more transfer! It'll be her fifth in
this area, her first area, but our fingers are crossed. I love her SO
much! #BFFs

So every time we go to someone's house for dinner, the conversation
usually goes like this:
"Sister Ga-Galapgos?"
    "Oh, haha, it's Gallegos"
"That's Spanish I assume right? Where are you from?"
"Oh...well where are your ancestors from?"
     "My dad's from Texas. I think his grandma's from Mexico."
"Oh! So do you speak Spanish?"
     "Not really."
(In other words, "why are you brown"?)

But dinner last night was quite different. This 11 year old boy comes
up to me, shakes my hand, reads my name tag, and starts speaking
Spanish in the thickest gringo accent: "hola, me llamo -----, hablo
espanol porque estudio espanol en mi escuela."
I try to keep from laughing and simply nod my head and say "que Bueno".
Then he says, "I saw the double L. It's a Spanish name!"
At least he was able to pronounce it properly.
5 times every Sunday my name is mispronounced. At least God knows my name.

Also! Met another connection from Oregon! A member in this ward,
Jeffrey Barrus is related to Pam Richards! She's his aunt. We had
dinner at his house the other night.

Anyways... I love being a missionary. This week is going to be great.
I know God is watching over us and will bless us with people to teach.
Yesterday I got up and bore my testimony. I said that serving a
mission is a blessing but it's also difficult. And one of the
difficulties is being away from family and not having that support
nearby. But I'm grateful for that because it's helped me to rely
solely on the Savior. He is the only one I can rely on, and my
relationship with Him has been strengthened. When we feel alone, sad,
or discouraged we can be assured that He cares and that He
understands. He rejoices with us and He loves us. It's taught me that
true and lasting happiness comes from devoting our lives to Him and
striving to become like Him. I know that this is His gospel, and that
it is worth it. He is worth it.

Monday, February 1, 2016

What's Up!

What's UP
Monday night we did exchanges!! 
Sister G came to our area and sister Plm went with sister T. It was so fun! I love sister G. She's from Australia. Her accent is legit. Whenever she speaks, people turn and listen. It's a great contacting technique because people will listen to her... 
I need an accent. 

Anyways, then sister Plm and I were reunited and we went home and she was hecka sick. 
And has been for the whole week. Poor thing! But this week we are jumping back into the work. We are ready to help this area EXPLODE. 

Sister G taught me a lot about having faith to precede miracles. There ARE people who have been prepared to receive the gospel, WE just need to have the faith and the courage to find them. To hold nothing back and to do WHATEVER it takes. To follow a thought or small prompting. To do everything we can to help people learn about the gospel. 

- We had a lesson with K on Friday night. And we put him on date to be baptized on MARCH 5th!!!!! Ahhhhh! It's a goal to work towards, but he is so ready. He expressed that he feels this void in his heart and that he just needs hope. I really related to what he said, and the Spirit helped me to realize that what K needs is a sense of purpose in his life and to find that hope. I testified that Jesus Christ can make us whole and can fill us with peace. I've felt that same 'void' at times in life and on my mission, but because I have a relationship with Jesus Christ, I know who to turn to. This gospel gives me a purpose in life because it provides me with the 'bigger picture'. 
I know that putting Christ at the center of our lives with fill our hearts with light and peace. 
It was a rocky start with K at the beginning because I didn't feel this 'connection' to him like I did with R, but my love for him has grown through each lesson and through feeling the love that God has for him. We love him and want him to grow closer to Christ and his Heavenly Father. He is so willing to be baptized and to do what it takes to feel whole. We are excited to see his faith grow. 

Lowlight of the week: 
- R has requested to stop taking the lessons. That was tough and abrupt, but I know that God will lead her back when she's ready. Whether that's in this life or the next. She's very special and I love her. It's all going to work out. 

Other than that, nothing much has happened this week, but we are SO pumped to go and find more people to teach. I love being a missionary. Time is flying by and I want to make every second count! 

Sister Gallegos