Monday, January 11, 2016

Yeah! Northside! - Baby It's Cold Outside

Dear Familia,

This week was da BEST. Sister P and I were instant BFF's. We laugh so much every day and have fun together while we work. This week has been feeling like bliss! #GPlom #CompName

She's from San Francisco and has one little sister. She went to BYU-Hawaii for a year before coming out and is one transfer behind me. She's so great and such a great example to me. Fun fact: she's allergic to cinnamon so she had to teach me how to stab her leg with an epi pen. We also have a heck ton in common. Such as a love for Anne of Green Gables and the little house on the prairie books. She also loves the office. And Gilmore girls. And is SO funny. I love her! She's so full of love. 

I also love the area. It's BEAUTIFUL. A lot of trees and sky and a LOT of big, BIG houses. Haha we pulled up to one house and it looked like Frankenstein's castle or something. We climbed up the long stairway covered in snow to the little door and a Romanian woman answered. Haha. 
The members here are great! They love the missionaries SO much. And they feed us a lot. #Blessings. 
Some things about the area:

  • Everyone has a dog. And most of the time they're the size of bears. (One member literally has a dog named Bear) 
  • There are TONS of Jewish people here! 
  • Fanciest McDonalds' I've ever seen. (One had a fireplace and two levels?)
  • Fanciest old women I've ever seen. They'll be strutting into McDonald's. They're like 70+ and wearing high-heeled leather boots and skinny jeans. I love it. I want to be their best friend. 

Apparently the Vice President of Walgreens lives here. And the person who invented Siri. And a lot of other company headquarters are here... 👌🏼 

This week we did a lot of stop-by's and a LOT of tracting. So many funny things have happened and been said to us this week.  Some highlights included: 

"The Holy Spirit told me to get you chorizo." 
"He(Jesus) doesn't play a role in our lives. We're Jewish." 
"What would your patronus be?..." - "A pair of on fleek eyebrows..."
"This jalapeño popper reminds me of cheesecake." 
"We have sinned. We ate too much." 
"Mennonites and Mormons are kindred." 
"What's your favorite material?"

Some other highlights for me this week were;
  • sister Pt - (She fed us jalapeño poppers when we stopped by one night. She is SO funny and made us feel right at home!)
  • M, G and B - (they force fed us delicious food. They're both from Ghana and have the CUTEST baby. They made us feel so at home and welcome! I LOVE THEM) 
  • A - (we met her when we were tracting and she talked to us for like 10 minutes. It was such a tender mercy! We left her with a card and our phone number. She's so great.) 
  • Being with Sister P ('nuff said)
  • Getting attacked by a bear-dog. (Yep. This massive dog-animal-beast ran out of one of these mansion buildings and it was toooo friendly.) 
  • The O's (they just moved into the ward last Monday so we stopped by to get to know them. They invited us in and talked to us for like an hour. They moved from Minnesota to be closer to work. They're this adorable old sassy couple. They told us their conversion story. It was awesome. :)) (and he kept saying cotton-picking.... Like "it's so cotton-picking cold!" Or, "it's so cotton-picking easy!" He's a crack-up) 

I LOVE WORKING. And I love working with sister P. We keep each other's spirits up and have fun! Even after the 40th house or person isn't interested. Tracting just feels good and makes you feel like a missionary! It's the best.

I want to give Heavenly Father my all. I'm here because I love Him. It's so refining and refreshing. I love being a missionary! 

Yesterday we were asked to talk to the young women during the 3rd hour about life and what brings us true happiness. It made me think about how Young Women's and school just flew by for me. 4 years ago I never could've foreseen where I am now. Even one year ago I had no idea how I was going to get out on a mission! But God always prepares a way for us, and when we have faith and work hard, He provides miracles. 

Will y'all please do me a favor?
 *Love your missionaries!*
This 18month/(2yr) journey is so tough. As sister Plomgren said recently, on your mission you experience the "lowest of lows". And when you let the missionaries into your homes and let them share a message with you, or you go with them to a friend or co-worker who might be interested in the gospel, or feed them, or just let them feel welcome, loved, and at home, you're answering prayers. Prayers of the missionaries, and prayers from their families. We just need love, support, and encouragement. 
Invite them over. Get to know them. Go out to lessons with them...

Anyways, I feel so blessed to be here. God is good. He has given me everything. I can't give all that He gave, but I can give my own humble offering as His servant and disciple. 
I love Heavenly Father and our Savior with all my heart. I know that they love us. They are infinitely merciful and forgiving. They never forget us. 
The church is true and families are forever. ❤

PS- it's SO cold! Single digits with -15 degree wind chill. Also this week there were like two snow storms. And this morning was 1 degree. :). #YayNorthSide ... 

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