Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jan. 4 - Miracles and Changes!!

Miracle moment of the week: 

So remember in November when I was sick a lot? Well I began to get headaches and coughs and earaches from it. We figured it was a sinus infection. When we went up to Wilmette for a meeting, we talked to the mission nurse who sent me the info for a walk-in clinic in our area. Three weeks later on the last day before transfer calls I finally decided to go/the Spirit kept telling me to just do it. (So, this past Friday). We go in, everything's good and we meet with the clinic person. Her name's"H-L" and so full of LIGHT! She's from Korea and has been living in Chicago for the past 15 years. She asked what we do as missionaries and why we are here. We talked about her faith (Christian) and about a couple experiences she's had with prayer, and then we gave her a pass-along card. She said she was going to look up the video that instant. (SHE'S SO AWESOME) she was so open to the gospel and kept asking us questions! 
We asked if she lived in the area and she said that she had just come to this clinic for that day because she and her husband were staying at her mom's for the weekend. Her clinic is up north in buffalo grove. Which brings me to transfer news...

TRANSFER 5 will be up north in Buffalo Grove 1st!! AHHH! I'll be with Sister P who was trained by my MTC companion Sister Parke. Sister Polmgren's so chill! I'm so excited!! 
Elder Storey, who's in our district right now, came from BG and loved it! He said that we get fed every night, but .... that we have to be really creative with trying to find people to teach. From what I hear it is like unto Glencoe ward. In regards to the missionaries being fed every night and a sign-up calendar being passed around. It will be a great adjustment! :)))) 

On the downside I will miss Morgan Park and my baby, Sister H! 😭😭 I love these people so much that it's feels super tough to leave. It feels like home! I also love and adore my companion, and we've been through so much together that it's one of the hardest things to leave her! #BFFs But she's getting a super sweet and diligent companion that will be really good for her and a really great example! Hahaha Sister Haynes and I had a LOT of fun, probably a little too much fun, so it will be good to be with people that will help us to work hard and give this our all! 

Also, 40 missionaries left this transfer, AKA - 20 companionship's, so they've shut down a lot of areas and the entire mission is changing around. Now Morgan park will only have two sets of missionaries rather than 3. And the district will consist of 3 companionship's. 2 sets of sisters and 1 set of elders. Hahaha, they jokingly called it a 'relief society' district. 😂

Anyways, sister Haynes and I are convinced that "H-L" is golden and is going to get baptized and sealed in the Temple with her fam. We gon find her. (Like the bed intruder song. "We gon fiiiind you"!) 

This past Thursday sister H and I each met with President. At the end of our interview/meeting, we talked about transfers. I told him I was nervous (I knew I'd be going!) and he just said some really inspired things that I needed to hear. He said that this transfer would be a fresh start for me; that I'd be able to jump in and give it all that I have. That I'd love the area, and that it would be a blessing to me. 

All transfer I've had this really great feeling about my next area and that it would be a big turning point in my mission and life. 

I am SO excited. 

I just love the Atonement so much and that we can have a fresh start, another chance, and a clean slate at any moment that we humble ourselves and turn back to Christ. He is so kind and merciful! 

I'll miss the ghetto and the blue lights on every streetlamp. I'll miss the weaves in the road and the chitlins, fried chicken, dressing, mac&cheese, and collared greens. (I won't really miss chitlins. At all.) I'll miss all the attitude and sass. I'll miss the crazy bus drivers and potholes. I'll miss the sketchiness and blatant drug deals. I'll miss the creepy old guys at Walmart that hit on us. I'll miss the constant smell of weed and sewer. I'll miss that whenever you knock on someone's door, they yell, "Who is it!?". Hahaha I'll miss Home! 

I'm so grateful for the past 6 months and what my time here in Morgan Park with sister House and sister Haynes have taught me. I love these members with all my heart. A lot of them don't have an extensive knowledge of the Gospel or understand everything and why, but they believe and have faith in this gospel with their whole hearts. They have so much faith in Jesus Christ. This little ward has blessed my life forever. 

God has literally carried me through the past 6 months and I know He will continue to do so for the rest of my mission and throughout my life. I love Chicago! I love Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen! #SouthSideForever 

Sister Gallegos

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