Monday, January 18, 2016

It's Cold and Thor's Hammer of Repentance!


Monday night it got REAL cold and we were slipping and sliding all over the road so we decided to come back early. (#AlmostGotInACarAccident #ButWeDidnt) 
I have the youth Face-to-Face events downloaded on my iPad, so we watched the one with elder and sister Bednar. 
"The Natural Man wants to stay the same. The man or woman of Christ presses forward and is continually changing." - Elder Bednar 
That quote hit me so powerfully. It changed my perspective and has been motivating me to keep trying and to keep "pressing forward". To keep praying for a desire to change! 

This Thursday was zone teaching/conference so the buffalo grove east and west zone got together to be addressed by president Woodbury and the zone leaders. It was AWESOME. President threw down Thor's hammer of repentance. I loved it. We talked about how we are the stripling warriors. We also talked about the new mission president that will be coming July 1st! Also our mission is getting shrunk. Over the next few transfers it'll be going down from 180 to 140 missionaries. He's really stressing exact obedience so that our new president, (president Bingham) can receive a small band of "stripling" missionaries that are exactly obedient! 

Yesterday a hazard warning level 2 was issued due to how cold it is. :) 5 is the worst and 1 is the least. -25 windchill! ðŸ˜–❄💨
Today is -20 windchill and was -2 degrees this morning. Yaaaaay! 

Onto MIRACLES of the Week: 
- "R": I love her so much! We went to McDonald's in the afternoon hoping to find someone who would be interested in taking about Jesus. (Life story). So Sister Pl and Sister Pk had given "R" a card once and she had seen them a lot before because missionaries spend a lot of time contacting at McDonald's. ANYWAYS. Tuesday we go in and use the wifi. It was near lunch time and I could smell the fries and the McChickens. So I had a good feeling about getting some to take home for lunch. I go up and "R" takes my order. When my order comes up I thank her and turn to walk away when she calls me back. "May I ask you a question?" I'm like..... ðŸ˜ƒðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜§!! Of course! She asks me about the church and what I do as a missionary. I answer her questions and then invite her to learn more and she said yes!! She said she has been wanting to go back to church. So we exchange information and set up an appointment for the next day an hour before she goes into work. Sister Pt comes with us 'cause she's a boss member missionary. We all meet at McDonald's the next day and have a lesson on the plan of salvation. It was really touching because I could feel how much God loves her. AND she's from Southside! And she lived in our area until she moved in August. (What??. ðŸ˜¯ðŸ˜¯) So we bonded over the weave shops and how up north is a LOT different. She also expressed that when she saw me on Tuesday she felt very drawn to me and said she felt compelled to ask me about the church. It was one of the most tender things and meant so much to me. Anyways, sister Pt volunteers to drive "R" to church and invites to hear her speak in church because she would be giving a talk THAT Sunday! Can I just give a shoutout to sister Pt right now? She's AMAZING. And her talk on the Atonement was amazing!  So "R" came to church. She and I sat by each other during sacrament meeting and I was explaining things, and then the sacrament comes around. She took it and said that she felt better and cleaner inside. Sister Pt was her buddy around church and loves her just as much as we do. "R" is so ready, and is so willing to do this. I feel so connected to her. Here's the hard part: She lives out of our area. So we have to pass her off to the other sisters. It's really difficult for me, but the Spirit told me that everything was going to be ok. As long as "R"gets to be taught the Gospel, it doesn't matters who's teaching her. After church she even stayed for an 8 year old's baptism. It was so sweet. This coming Wednesday we are having a pass-off lesson at sister Pt's house where the other sisters will come and we will introduce her to them. Sister T and G are awesome. They'll be great for her! 

K: So "K" is our new investigator that was passed over to us from the other sisters! We had a good pass off lesson and he came to church on Sunday. He has very interesting quirks and personality traits. He's like 45 and lives by himself. But, he loves Jesus and was led to the sisters at McDonald's. Anyways, we have another lesson with him this week and are trying to get him into another member's home for the lesson. I know that God loves him. So it's a blessing and a privilege that we get to tell him about the restored gospel. 

Quotes of the week:
- "If Heavenly Father was a dog, He would be a Pyrenees." 
- "She needs to sow her oats." 
- "There was temptations all up around me and I was like O Lord Jesus take the wheel!" 
- "I just need a needle full of fast-acting allergy serum." ..... "I have an epi pen.." 
- "You can plant seeds through food."
At our Ward Mission leaders home,  he and his family are the BEST. 

I hope everyone has a great week. I love being a missionary and I love being able to come closer to my Heavenly Father. He helps me to get through every single day. I know that missionary work and the Lord bring true and lasting happiness. It fills every void we may be feeling in life. I know this church is true! 

Sister Gallegos

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