Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas! - When you show up - He show out!


 This past week has been busy! We had new-missionary-training up in
Wilmette on Tuesday. That was forever long.

Then we had last-minute exchanges on Wednesday night. I went to Hyde
Park with sister "H"! I loved/really needed it. On Thursday we rode
the buses/train for a couple hours and had a couple appointments. It
was great! We went into this apartment complex in the city and it
looked like it was straight out of Star Wars, so I took a picture.

It's crazy how you fit 7 million people into one city.

Hahaha, and on the way back I was sitting across from this woman on
the bus. Her name is Dorothy. She's straight up baptist or something
'cause she was loud and proud and praising Jesus. I loved it.
I asked her what her name was and she said Dorothy, then she asked me
what my name was and I said sister Gallegos. She looked at me and was
like, "Shoooot, sister? Well I'm SISTA' Dorothy."
She gave me the best pep talk ever. I was sitting there smiling and
asking her a few questions and then after a few stops there was
silence. We made eye-contact again and she started her pep talk,
"Shoot girl, you just keep smiiiiiilin'. Girl you keep on smiling.
Even when you pissed, you keep a smile on that face. People may piss
on you, and people may frown, but you just got to keep on smiling,
because when you show up-*she points up*-He show out."

It should be a bumper-sticker. I also want it on the back of my
tombstone: "When you show up, He show out."
I wish I had a video.

Then on Saturday our district went caroling to the redline station and
passed out Books of Mormon & pass-along cards with candycanes. It was
freezing & fun! Then we came back to the church and had hot chocolate.
That night we went caroling to church members. And Sunday evening we
went caroling to some more church members.

This coming week we have a zone temple trip on Tuesday and then a
Christmas thing at the mission home. Wednesday we have a couple
appointments. On Christmas Eve we're going to go caroling at the
redline station again.

πŸŽ„Christmas will be fun. We'll be going to Sister "E"'s for dinner
and she's invited all 15 of her kids and their kids over for
dinner/for us to talk to. Haha.. So her sweet little home is going to
be PACKED. I'm hoping there won't be any bible bashing. I don't really
know what to expect. Hahaha, it will be great!

I love Jesus Christ and I know that He lives. He was born thousands of
years ago, so that He could bring us peace. He came to this earth to
provide us a way back to our Heavenly Father. I am grateful for this
time of year in which we specifically celebrate Him and His birth. He
loves us all!


Sister Gallegos

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