Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec. 14 - Love the Scarf

Dec. 14 - I'm catching up on her posts


Can everyone do me a favor this week?

Please read Luke chapter 2, verses 4-20. They're short verses and so
powerful! On Thursday we went to visit a less-active member with "C"
and we read these verses with her. The verses that stood out to me the
most were 16&17. As I imagined the shepherds coming and seeing the
baby in the manger, the Spirit entered my heart so strongly and I was
reminded of why we celebrate Christmas, and why I am here in Chicago.
It's not easy, but it's worth it. Jesus Christ is worth it.

This week Sister M-H and I just WORKED. A lot more than we have
been. And it's made me so much happier. We called a lot of our
referrals this week and got miracles.

"L": She was contacted on a train by some Hermanas up north! They
gave us her information and told us to call her. They said she was
super interested in meeting with missionaries to see what we're all
about. So we called her and set up an appointment with her and then
invited her to the ward Christmas party on Saturday. She didn't end up
coming but she's awesome and we have a lesson with her tonight.

"V": We called and asked if she had ordered a bible or a Book of
Mormon. She paused and then said, "Mormon?" And we said, "yes! The
Book of Mormon!" She told us that her grandson was baptized two weeks
ago into the church and she figured he probably ordered it for her so
that she could learn more. She told us to come on by to drop it off so
she could learn more about it. Our lesson with her went well. She
wants us to come back for bible study.

This week I've been feeling very grateful that Heavenly Father
provided us with a Savior. I'm an imperfect person and missionary, but
it's because of Jesus Christ that we have new beginnings and a
never-ending supply of 2nd chances. I'm grateful to be here and to
share this beautiful Gospel with others. I know it's true!

* We were dropping by a member's house this week (in the sketchier
side of Chi-town) and on the other side of the street was a group of
kids. We were walking towards the house when we heard what sounded
like a gunshot. It was really just the kids popping one of those
stupid little chip bags, but it scared the crap out of us. We laughed
about it and then walked faster. Lol.
* We went up to Hyde park this week for two appointments. It took me
10 minutes to parallel park. Then I prayed and managed to do it
without hitting anything.
* I yelled at Sister M-H in my sleep when she was waking me up from
a nap. I don't remember it. Then we wrote out a list of procedures for
when one of us is taking a nap because naps are serious business.
* At zone teaching our whole district matched and wore red. Then we
did the wave.
* Sister"S" crocheted me a scarf for Christmas. I LOVE IT. It
means so much to me! I'm going to treasure it forever. :)) I love her!

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