Sunday, November 8, 2015

Southside Week 13 - D&C 4:2

This week went by slow. But that's probably just because it's halfway
through the transfer.

Some highlights included visiting and teaching Miss L! We teach
her every Friday to help prepare her for her baptism in January. She's
7 and quite a character. She's hilarious. I love her and her family.
They're amazing. While we were there, we played Uno and Sister S
French-braided my hair the way she does her girls when she puts in
their weaves. Hahaha. It made me feel like Snoop-Dog.

This Saturday we had MCM at Brother Forrest's after we cleaned the
church! He's the best Ward Mission Leader eeeeever! I love him and
sister Forrest so much. He made us all a ton of pizza and gave us
candy for Halloween.

We also hydroplaned on the way back from MCM. We didn't spin out or
anything, but you could definitely feel the weird feeling of skidding
over the water. Hahaha. After we passed over it, we turned to each
other and said, "I think we just hydroplaned..."

So that was fun. It still hasn't snowed. That is also nice.
We meet with this guy named Lxxx every week on Thursdays. He's great.
He's not able to get a lot of Sundays off but we have 'bible study'
with him! He's so funny. He always quotes Michael Jackson songs in his
prayers. Last week he prayed for Mary and Adam and Eve. It was

This week I've been learning more about the love that God has for us!
I feel that I've learned more about the Love that He has for me and
everyone around me while I've been on my mission than anywhere else. I
am so grateful to be here. I love being a missionary. There are
difficulties, but there's no where else I'd rather be!
I know that I'm where Heavenly Father wants me to be.

This week I also 'ponderized' D&C 4:2. Every day I have to decide
whether I'll forget myself and do what Heavenly Father wants me to do,
or be selfish and think about myself. Sometimes I definitely fall
short, but I'm learning, growing and repenting.

I love being a missionary!
Sister Gallegos

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