Monday, November 9, 2015

Southside Week 13 - Best Week Ever


We were pretty busy this week and it was awesome. Some highlights
included going to visit a less-active member with C! She's an awesome member who has inspired and taught me so much about ward Families.
We had exchanges this week and I went to Hyde Park with Sister S!! I love her so much. #BFFS. All we did was WORK. I loved it. We rode the trains all day trying to contact people and give out
Books of Mormon. I haven't contacted on trains since my first day in the mission. It was so much fun, especially with Sister S!

Some things I've learned this week:
- Working Hard is the BEST. Getting out the door is the most difficult part for me, but after I get outside and start talking to people, I feel so motivated and happy!

- Last Monday night while we were getting ready for bed, I was saying a prayer, when I realized how sick and tired I was of saying that I 'want' to change. I then told Heavenly Father that I was 'going' to
change, and then asked for His help to make that change. The Spirit was so strong, and this whole week I have felt this literal push behind me to keep going and to keep trying when I feel I can't go on.
We've also gotten fed a lot this week by members, #Miracles - but there is so much power in acting, and taking change into your own hands then by simply wishing to be better. I'm still learning that,
but I'm grateful that I'm gaining a better understanding of it!

- When we went to go visit this less-active member with C, the woman kept saying how she was never coming back to church because of offensive comments people made to her over 10 years ago. We kept trying to tell her that she was welcome, and the importance of
forgiveness, but her heart was pretty hardened. It was sad to see. It
showed to me the importance of being converted to Jesus Christ, not
the members or anything else. It's all about Jesus Christ. But I've run into this situation before where people are offended and don't want to come back to church. People/members don't reach out.
People/members have grudges...gossip...exclude...etc: DRAMA.
The Lord needs us to be His servants and to reach out to those around us. He needs and wants us to be friends to others and to encourage one another on our way back to our Heavenly Father. We are all in this together!

I would like to encourage all of you to look around on Sunday and see
who isn't there. Or think about someone who may need a friend. Make a
phone call, pray for them, stop by and visit someone, go outside your comfort zone and be a genuine friend.

The best experiences of my mission thus far have been when we've been sitting in someone's living room, hearing about their struggles, and feeling the Love and Awareness that God has for that individual. I know that if we have Faith and act on the promptings we receive, we
will be able to comfort others in the way and time they need.
Experiencing that has been so special for me. I'm grateful that God sent me to Chicago.

Sister M-H and I are going to work hard this week, and I am so excited to see the miracles that will result from that.

I love this so much. I know that this is truly God's work and that He loves us!

Sister Gallegos

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