Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SouthSide Week 7 - Don't Taze Me Sister!

I've been pretty sick since Saturday night so we moved PDay to today.  But on the upside, we got groceries this morning... So now we have food!  This past week was a struggle. It's probably because it was the first  week of the new transfer.

But ever since Thursday, sister H and I have had the BEST time ever. We had both been feeling really stressed and then on Thursday morning we talked about it and felt tons better. It turned out to be the best day ever. Haha.

We attempted to ride the elder's bikes, which was an adventure. It lasted about two minutes.

And our district has been bonding through a tazer we found in our apartment. A sister left
it, and the elders told us to bring it to district meeting. They all tazed themselves with it. Sister House tazed me at mutual on Thursday night, but I couldn't look. I had to face the wall. It felt like a bee
sting. The sound is the worst.

Our fast this past week was a struuuuuuggle. But we tried to be more motivated for exercise by striving to make it 'fun'. So we did push up challenges. And looked at funny videos. Hahaahhha. We are working on it. But this week, well, today, our car went into the auto body shop, so we are fasting our car! Woohoooo! We are getting our walk on in hopes to find a new investigator.

Worst part of the week - Her Pizza Flipped coming out of the oven

On a down day, I like listening to this CD called the 'Battalion', which has two talks, one by Pres. Eyring, and one by Elder Holland, it's so powerful. I love JHoll.  Anyways, his talk is from the MTC to mission presidents, and it's SO GOOD. In it, he says, "The Atonement will carry them (missionaries)".  And it's so true. Jesus Christ is who sustains me and helps me get from one moment to another. Missionary work isn't easy, but it has blessed me with so many great experiences. It has really brought me closer to Christ!

I love you all!
- Sister Gallegos

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