Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1 Down 11 to Go! SouthSide Week 6

Today sister House and I are in the city!! We greeted a few of the new missionaries. 


This past week was long, but great. I can't believe I've finished my first transfer already. Sister H and I will be staying together for this next transfer as well. I'm so excited! I LOVE Morgan Park and I LOVE Sister H! 
This week we went on exchanges with the Sister training leaders. I went to their area and one of them came to our area with Sister House. It was great!

Hermana Ct and I were walking down the street, and she was talking to some Hispanic guys while this lady came out and told me that her friend wanted to talk to us. Her friend was this 104 year old woman that she takes care of. She was the sweetest person I've ever met. She told us to come in and tell her about what we believe. We prayed with her and sang two hymns to her: I am a Child of God, and Families can be Together Forever. 
She told us how lonely she felt, and that she felt like God was punishing her, and as she spoke my heart was filled with love for her. The Spirit was so strong. I bore my testimony to her that I knew God was aware of her. And then I couldn't really sing through Families can be Together Forever cause I was bawling. But it was great. #TheSpiritIsReal

Then we had district meeting on Wednesday and took a lot of pictures of our zone cause Elder Drebing(one of our Zone Leaders) is going home. I love my district and zone.

Saturday we had a ward game night.
It was the BEST. 
Hahaha, I love this ward.

They started dancing towards the end of it, and all the boys were doing a dance called the 'naynay'?

I'm grateful to be a missionary. Sometimes people look at us like we are crazy, as if we didn't have a life before this. But I'm learning that it doesn't matter if people think we're crazy because I know that this church is True, and more importantly, I know that Christ lives! And I wouldn't be out here if I didn't. 

Haha, and no one here can pronounce my name. So everyone is starting to call me sister G. My ward mission leader repeats my name five times every time he sees me! I love him! Hahaha.

This transfer sister H and I are fasting something every week in order to see more miracles and progress in the work. This week we want to help our investigators progress and keep commitments, so we are getting up earlier every morning to be more diligent and obedient with exercise. Basically we are fasting sleep. Aka, my biggest struggle. HAH-Some things don't change. 😂 

I'll let Ya'll know how it goes! 
Sister G 

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