Monday, August 17, 2015

SouthSIDE Week 4... I Don't Know What Week It Is!

This past week has FLOWN by! I feel like Monday was yesterday. Thanks for the notes and pictures throughout the week. I loved them...

We met with a lot of members this week and we also found three new investigators. They were all sitting outside on the steps, and we walked up to them and ended up talking to them for an hour. They were asking really great questions, especially one of them who led the conversation. He asked questions like, "How do I know if the Book of Mormon is true? What happens if you make major mistakes or sins? Do you believe we have a purpose in life?" 
Sister House and I looked at each other and were like:

We got you.
We exchanged contact information and left each of them with a Book of Mormon. AND THEN we talked and testified about the importance of praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true. We encouraged the quieter one of the group to say the closing prayer. He was really nervous, but we taught him how to pray and he did it. And then the other two guys said they wanted to try it too. 

We committed them to reading the first chapter, to pay attention to what they feel as they read, and to pray to know if it's true. 

We are meeting with them again this week. I'm hoping and praying it will go well. 
We have been struggling with finding people to teach, and struggling with getting people to progress, but It is all good. We are working hard and seeing miracles. 

Something about Southside Chicago is that you see a LOT of poverty. Part of our area is in the projects, and heavy ghetto surrounds it. The other half of our area is nice, but we do a lot of finding and work in the ghetto. You see a lot of real-world problems that you hear about or see on TV, but never really face. I have grown to love all these people so it's difficult to hear about what they're going through. Through it all, they still choose to have faith. 

 I wish I could help them and I wish I could take away their problems, but I've been learning that that's not what it's about. The Gospel of Jesus Christ does not take away our problems, but gives us hope. Faith in Jesus Christ sustains us.

I've been learning a lot more about the love that Heavenly Father has for His children here than I have anywhere else.
He LOVES these people, His Children, and He wants them to have hope.

Sister H and I have felt that love and concern as we've been prompted to tell people that we know they're not alone and that God hears their prayers and He is aware of them.
I am grateful that God is allowing me to have these experiences, because even though it's difficult and exhausting to be a missionary, it is rewarding, and I've been blessed to meet some of the sweetest and strongest people. 

Jesus Christ lives, and I know that if we have faith in Him, we can find hope and strength to get through our daily and life-long struggles. 
I would invite all of you to uplift, comfort, listen to, or just give a hug to someone this week. God really does use us to help comfort one another if we listen to our promptings and act on them. I'm really seeing that. 

Love you all! 
- Sister Gallegos


  1. Love you Caroline ... keep it up!

  2. Sister Gallegos...this is the 2nd time I'm trying to make a comment...hopefully it works! It's wonderful to read your have a beautiful spirit and I can tell the Lord is doing a marvelous work through you and your you! Elaine 💝