Monday, August 10, 2015

Southside Week 3 - Fried Chicken!

This week was crazy. It went by fast and then Friday and Saturday felt like foreeeeever. We got a mini missionary! Her name is Lupe Quezada. A mini missionary is someone who comes out on what they call a 'Mini Mission'. They come with us and live the schedule and do everything we do. I hadn't ever really heard of them in Oregon. But she was with us from Thursday afternoon to Sunday. She knew like two of the people we went to visit and was able to relate and help our investigators resolve their concerns. It was sad to see her go. 

Sunday was AWESOME. Bill, our investigator, and two in-actives CAME. I just love our ward. They're a group of humble/funny people and I love them. We are working on getting to know them better and working on them getting to love each other! 

Mr. B is my favorite. I love him so much. He's this sweet 93 year old black man. He's hilarious and so adorable. He was wearing this beige/tan suit outfit on Sunday. It was so precious. He tries to hug us, hahaha, but we just tell him no and shake his hand. He looks like Little Bill in that cartoon show I watched when I was younger. 

The top two religions that people are a part of out here is Baptist and Catholic. One woman we do service for is a reverend for the baptist church she goes to. She's in her 90's and is so great. Anyways she invited us to come to her birthday lunch. It was in a really sketchy only-elders area. The best part was that we were seated next to the bishop of one of the congregations in their baptist church and when our lunch was served (fried chicken),(Literally everyone got their own whole fried chicken), he gave the blessing. I would describe that prayer as a mix between yelling, chanting, "the gift of tongues", and hand-thrust motions. It was great. 

We got a couple potential investigators this week, but we might have to pass them off the to YSA sisters, but it was still exciting. 

We are starting to do a lot of finding because we need people to teach and serve. 
I was thinking about the two things that I've been learning over and over again the past month or so, at the MTC and in the field. 
1. God is real.
2. He loves us. 

These two things keep me going every day. I know that God is real, and I know that He loves us. He really is so kind and merciful. I am forever grateful for Him and this opportunity that He's giving me to represent Him. He's helping me to overcome my weaknesses and love everyone around me. 

Also we ran into this Spanish-speaking family the other day, and the dad was like, "you want some Mexican pop?" It was Bud Lite. Hahahaa, it was hilarious. #Southside

Love always,
Sister Gallegos 

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