Monday, August 24, 2015

SouthSIDE Week 5 - I Love Southside

I love southside. 

This week was wild:
- Sister H got really sick one night, and then I got sick and had some really bad allergy stuff while we were cleaning someones house.
- Our car broke down. And then fixed itself...

- And we won't have a car this week because we have to take it to the shop. So we're going to get our walk on. #TrekStatus 

- Last Monday we had a bonfire at our ward mission leader's house with the other elders in our ward. It was a ton of fun! They fed us burgers and cheesecake. 

- Hahaha and we ran out of toilet paper this week but weren't able to go to the store until Saturday, so we used gauze out of our first-aid kits. 

- Saw my second weave.
 (it's a weave, not roadkill)

Friday we had a sister's conference in Wilmette, where the mission office is. It was really uplifting and I got to see the sisters that came in with me! Sister D is one of my faves. She went to BYU-Idaho too. A lot of the sisters here went to BYU-Idaho. Represent. 

-The zone leaders picked up all our packages this week too! Thank you so much mooom! I made eggs and put Heinz 57 on it. Hahaha. I haven't made corn nachos yet though! Or corn-yaki. 

- Last night we also found out that we put an investigator's number in wrong. So the past couple weeks that we've been calling we thought she had dropped us. Then we got her real number and was able to schedule our second lesson with her for today! I'm so excited!

This coming week is transfer calls. We will find out if sister H is leaving, or if sister H stays! 
really want her to stay. 😭😭

The Book of Mormon is the best. It's one of the number one things we try to get investigators to do: read the Book of Mormon. There is a real, special spirit that comes from reading it. I invite all of you to pick it up once a day (or more!) and study. It's an act of faith that blesses us and fills our lives with peace. Daily scripture study is so powerful! 

I am continually learning that missionary work is about loving these people and loving God, and then doing my best. 
A quote that has been pulling me through the tough, awkward, and silent moments of missionary work is this: 
"You reach as far as you can, and Heaven will help you do what you can't do, or don't know how to do yet." - Sister Edmonds, {MTC Sunday Relief Society Devotional, 7/19/15} 
That sentence comes to mind whenever I feel like giving up. 
I know that this is His work and He will help us as we strive to keep going and to keep 'reaching'. 

Sister Gallegos 

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