Monday, July 27, 2015

SouthSIDE Week1

I would describe SouthSIDE as any ghetto setting you see in COPS.  There are more weaves in the road than roadkill and homeless people wander through traffic like they're cars. Also the drivers here are insane. Everyone creates their own lanes, and most of the time there aren't separating lines on the road, so you're left guessing where you should be, but I dig it. All our investigators are black. I love it.

Our ward is very small, pretty much a branch.  I love the Morgan Park ward and we are trying to get the work moving!  I'm striving to focus more outward than focusing on what I want.  Sister H is a great example of that. We get along really well and have a good time serving together. She always volunteers to serve even if the people we are talking to are not interested in our message. I'm grateful that she's my trainer.

Today in personal study I was led to Matthew chapter 14. I was really touched at how the Savior responded to the people around Him even when He was grieving. "Christ focuses outward when we would turn in". I'm trying to be more like Him. I love serving these people and I just love them in general.  I also have had my iPad so I can read your emails throughout the week, thanks for sending them, it's a nice pick-me-up! I love you all!

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