Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas! - When you show up - He show out!


 This past week has been busy! We had new-missionary-training up in
Wilmette on Tuesday. That was forever long.

Then we had last-minute exchanges on Wednesday night. I went to Hyde
Park with sister "H"! I loved/really needed it. On Thursday we rode
the buses/train for a couple hours and had a couple appointments. It
was great! We went into this apartment complex in the city and it
looked like it was straight out of Star Wars, so I took a picture.

It's crazy how you fit 7 million people into one city.

Hahaha, and on the way back I was sitting across from this woman on
the bus. Her name is Dorothy. She's straight up baptist or something
'cause she was loud and proud and praising Jesus. I loved it.
I asked her what her name was and she said Dorothy, then she asked me
what my name was and I said sister Gallegos. She looked at me and was
like, "Shoooot, sister? Well I'm SISTA' Dorothy."
She gave me the best pep talk ever. I was sitting there smiling and
asking her a few questions and then after a few stops there was
silence. We made eye-contact again and she started her pep talk,
"Shoot girl, you just keep smiiiiiilin'. Girl you keep on smiling.
Even when you pissed, you keep a smile on that face. People may piss
on you, and people may frown, but you just got to keep on smiling,
because when you show up-*she points up*-He show out."

It should be a bumper-sticker. I also want it on the back of my
tombstone: "When you show up, He show out."
I wish I had a video.

Then on Saturday our district went caroling to the redline station and
passed out Books of Mormon & pass-along cards with candycanes. It was
freezing & fun! Then we came back to the church and had hot chocolate.
That night we went caroling to church members. And Sunday evening we
went caroling to some more church members.

This coming week we have a zone temple trip on Tuesday and then a
Christmas thing at the mission home. Wednesday we have a couple
appointments. On Christmas Eve we're going to go caroling at the
redline station again.

πŸŽ„Christmas will be fun. We'll be going to Sister "E"'s for dinner
and she's invited all 15 of her kids and their kids over for
dinner/for us to talk to. Haha.. So her sweet little home is going to
be PACKED. I'm hoping there won't be any bible bashing. I don't really
know what to expect. Hahaha, it will be great!

I love Jesus Christ and I know that He lives. He was born thousands of
years ago, so that He could bring us peace. He came to this earth to
provide us a way back to our Heavenly Father. I am grateful for this
time of year in which we specifically celebrate Him and His birth. He
loves us all!


Sister Gallegos

Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec. 14 - Love the Scarf

Dec. 14 - I'm catching up on her posts


Can everyone do me a favor this week?

Please read Luke chapter 2, verses 4-20. They're short verses and so
powerful! On Thursday we went to visit a less-active member with "C"
and we read these verses with her. The verses that stood out to me the
most were 16&17. As I imagined the shepherds coming and seeing the
baby in the manger, the Spirit entered my heart so strongly and I was
reminded of why we celebrate Christmas, and why I am here in Chicago.
It's not easy, but it's worth it. Jesus Christ is worth it.

This week Sister M-H and I just WORKED. A lot more than we have
been. And it's made me so much happier. We called a lot of our
referrals this week and got miracles.

"L": She was contacted on a train by some Hermanas up north! They
gave us her information and told us to call her. They said she was
super interested in meeting with missionaries to see what we're all
about. So we called her and set up an appointment with her and then
invited her to the ward Christmas party on Saturday. She didn't end up
coming but she's awesome and we have a lesson with her tonight.

"V": We called and asked if she had ordered a bible or a Book of
Mormon. She paused and then said, "Mormon?" And we said, "yes! The
Book of Mormon!" She told us that her grandson was baptized two weeks
ago into the church and she figured he probably ordered it for her so
that she could learn more. She told us to come on by to drop it off so
she could learn more about it. Our lesson with her went well. She
wants us to come back for bible study.

This week I've been feeling very grateful that Heavenly Father
provided us with a Savior. I'm an imperfect person and missionary, but
it's because of Jesus Christ that we have new beginnings and a
never-ending supply of 2nd chances. I'm grateful to be here and to
share this beautiful Gospel with others. I know it's true!

* We were dropping by a member's house this week (in the sketchier
side of Chi-town) and on the other side of the street was a group of
kids. We were walking towards the house when we heard what sounded
like a gunshot. It was really just the kids popping one of those
stupid little chip bags, but it scared the crap out of us. We laughed
about it and then walked faster. Lol.
* We went up to Hyde park this week for two appointments. It took me
10 minutes to parallel park. Then I prayed and managed to do it
without hitting anything.
* I yelled at Sister M-H in my sleep when she was waking me up from
a nap. I don't remember it. Then we wrote out a list of procedures for
when one of us is taking a nap because naps are serious business.
* At zone teaching our whole district matched and wore red. Then we
did the wave.
* Sister"S" crocheted me a scarf for Christmas. I LOVE IT. It
means so much to me! I'm going to treasure it forever. :)) I love her!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dec. 7 - She didn't want to write

Dec. 7 - She didn't want to write

I'm playing catch up with her blog posts, she didn't want to write a long letter and just updated us that she was doing great and was excited for their ward party and getting her packages from home.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving - Nov. 30

This past week we were locked in for 3 days because of riots. That was fun. They didn't want us out because it was dangerous. And then we got another text about today and a threat on Chicago University, so there's just a bunch of crazy stuff going on, but we are safe and living it up. 

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was fun!

Sister M-H gave a talk yesterday and it was AWESOME! She's so great. We had a lot of fun moments throughout the week. She definitely pulled me through! She has an amazing story and a beautiful testimony, I'm grateful to be her companion. 

Have you guys seen the #ASaviorIsBorn video yet? We saw it at zone conference a few weeks ago and I've been waiting for the video to be released. I get the chills each time I see it. It's the BEST. 
President has really been pushing us to share it hardcore and to do a lot of Christmas contacting, so we are going to do caroling as a district and some zone caroling stuff. It's gon be epic.  Here's the Link

I want to challenge y'all to share the video with someone this week, or share it on Facebook, or bear your testimony to someone, or do some acts of kindness: Try to spread the love & light of Christmas. 

Jesus Christ is the reason for the season and is the reason why I'm here. He's really become my best friend. I am grateful to be His missionary. 

Have a GREAT week-I'm so excited it's December! It's going to be so much fun! 

There's so much to be grateful for and so much happiness and peace left in the world in spite of all the bad. I know that that happiness comes from having a relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for all He's teaching me!

Sister Gallegos 

Done Counting Weeks - No Transfer Yeah!

Nov. 23, 2015 - I get to stay in Morgan Park for another transfer with Sister M-H!

Heavenly Father answers prayers. Im grateful to be here for another transfer.

Major events of the week:
- It snowed. A lot. Winter storm warning and everything. And then
everything froze over night and we barely made it out of our parking
spot. (Literally the worst parking spot in the world). There are two
dumpsters about a yard behind our car and we are blocked in by the
wall of another apartment complex and a big suburban. In the ice, it
was almost impossible to back out to go to church. But #Miracles.
It was also my first time driving in the snow! I drove home the night
of the big snow storm and could hardly see anything, but it was a lot
of fun. And we made it home safely. We couldn't pull into our parking
spot though so we had to get out and shovel for about an hour.

- The elders and us went and played volleyball with the youth during
mutual. It was a ton of fun! I accidentally hit someone in the face
when I was serving. That sucked.

- "A" came to church again this Sunday. He really likes the Gospel
principles class. We are slowly working with him and just trying to
let him know that we love him!

- Last night I came down with a nasty cold. So that's been fun. But in
the middle of the night the thought came to mind that I should text
sister "F" and ask for tips for home remedies (she's a miracle
worker and knows so many tips and tricks) - the thought came back to
my mind this morning when I woke up. She texted me some tips and then
drove over and brought us a big box full of cocoa, oranges, lemons,
honey, left-overs, candy, etc. It was the sweetest thing and I was so
touched! She gave me a big hug and told me that she loved me and
wanted me to feel better. 😒😭
Talk about tender mercies.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for my family
and the opportunity God has given me to serve a mission. I am
especially grateful for my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. I
know they love us.
Sister Gallegos

Monday, November 9, 2015

Southside Week 13 - Best Week Ever


We were pretty busy this week and it was awesome. Some highlights
included going to visit a less-active member with C! She's an awesome member who has inspired and taught me so much about ward Families.
We had exchanges this week and I went to Hyde Park with Sister S!! I love her so much. #BFFS. All we did was WORK. I loved it. We rode the trains all day trying to contact people and give out
Books of Mormon. I haven't contacted on trains since my first day in the mission. It was so much fun, especially with Sister S!

Some things I've learned this week:
- Working Hard is the BEST. Getting out the door is the most difficult part for me, but after I get outside and start talking to people, I feel so motivated and happy!

- Last Monday night while we were getting ready for bed, I was saying a prayer, when I realized how sick and tired I was of saying that I 'want' to change. I then told Heavenly Father that I was 'going' to
change, and then asked for His help to make that change. The Spirit was so strong, and this whole week I have felt this literal push behind me to keep going and to keep trying when I feel I can't go on.
We've also gotten fed a lot this week by members, #Miracles - but there is so much power in acting, and taking change into your own hands then by simply wishing to be better. I'm still learning that,
but I'm grateful that I'm gaining a better understanding of it!

- When we went to go visit this less-active member with C, the woman kept saying how she was never coming back to church because of offensive comments people made to her over 10 years ago. We kept trying to tell her that she was welcome, and the importance of
forgiveness, but her heart was pretty hardened. It was sad to see. It
showed to me the importance of being converted to Jesus Christ, not
the members or anything else. It's all about Jesus Christ. But I've run into this situation before where people are offended and don't want to come back to church. People/members don't reach out.
People/members have grudges...gossip...exclude...etc: DRAMA.
The Lord needs us to be His servants and to reach out to those around us. He needs and wants us to be friends to others and to encourage one another on our way back to our Heavenly Father. We are all in this together!

I would like to encourage all of you to look around on Sunday and see
who isn't there. Or think about someone who may need a friend. Make a
phone call, pray for them, stop by and visit someone, go outside your comfort zone and be a genuine friend.

The best experiences of my mission thus far have been when we've been sitting in someone's living room, hearing about their struggles, and feeling the Love and Awareness that God has for that individual. I know that if we have Faith and act on the promptings we receive, we
will be able to comfort others in the way and time they need.
Experiencing that has been so special for me. I'm grateful that God sent me to Chicago.

Sister M-H and I are going to work hard this week, and I am so excited to see the miracles that will result from that.

I love this so much. I know that this is truly God's work and that He loves us!

Sister Gallegos

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Eye Spy

We love getting glimpses of Caroline's service in Chicago,  The Christensen's are a senior couple serving in Chicago and in the mission office.  They are great servants and we love their blog.

I am trained to check that between P-Day's to see if there is either a story about some work the mission or missionaries are doing, a training or conference and of course pictures.

Or just stuff like this:

Southside Week 13 - D&C 4:2

This week went by slow. But that's probably just because it's halfway
through the transfer.

Some highlights included visiting and teaching Miss L! We teach
her every Friday to help prepare her for her baptism in January. She's
7 and quite a character. She's hilarious. I love her and her family.
They're amazing. While we were there, we played Uno and Sister S
French-braided my hair the way she does her girls when she puts in
their weaves. Hahaha. It made me feel like Snoop-Dog.

This Saturday we had MCM at Brother Forrest's after we cleaned the
church! He's the best Ward Mission Leader eeeeever! I love him and
sister Forrest so much. He made us all a ton of pizza and gave us
candy for Halloween.

We also hydroplaned on the way back from MCM. We didn't spin out or
anything, but you could definitely feel the weird feeling of skidding
over the water. Hahaha. After we passed over it, we turned to each
other and said, "I think we just hydroplaned..."

So that was fun. It still hasn't snowed. That is also nice.
We meet with this guy named Lxxx every week on Thursdays. He's great.
He's not able to get a lot of Sundays off but we have 'bible study'
with him! He's so funny. He always quotes Michael Jackson songs in his
prayers. Last week he prayed for Mary and Adam and Eve. It was

This week I've been learning more about the love that God has for us!
I feel that I've learned more about the Love that He has for me and
everyone around me while I've been on my mission than anywhere else. I
am so grateful to be here. I love being a missionary. There are
difficulties, but there's no where else I'd rather be!
I know that I'm where Heavenly Father wants me to be.

This week I also 'ponderized' D&C 4:2. Every day I have to decide
whether I'll forget myself and do what Heavenly Father wants me to do,
or be selfish and think about myself. Sometimes I definitely fall
short, but I'm learning, growing and repenting.

I love being a missionary!
Sister Gallegos

Southside Week 12 - 100 Days

This past week I hit 100 days since I was set apart as a full-time
missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!
I'm looking forward to making the next 100 days a lot better and more

Well, to start off, this past Monday we met with "A". He's the one
we met in Chipotle. The Hermanas met with us at the church and we had
a great lesson with him about the Book of Mormon. We invited him to be
baptized. He was still unsure, and struggles with why baptism in our
church is different than being baptized in another, but we committed
him to pray and ask if this is the true church. I have faith that God
will answer his prayers.

He also came to Stake Conference yesterday!! He's such a stud. He was
wearing a red-velvet suit and had a black top-hat thing. That's 3
weeks in a row!! #Miracles

He is so special and has such a great light in his eyes. He would
really bless this ward. I know that the Spirit will help us know how
to help him. He won't be able to meet with us tonight, but I'm hoping
we will be able to meet with him at some point this week!

I HAVE A NEW COMPANION: Sister M-H! She's great. Shes from
California, Nevada, and Arizona. I love her! She's been struggling
with homesickness but yesterday she got a blessing and she felt a lot
better afterwards. I had similar feelings my first week in the mission
field and throughout my first transfer. I'm praying to know how I can
most effectively help her!

I got some planning tips from some missionaries this past week, so
this coming week is going to be full and busy! I am so excited to work
hard and to work alongside Sister M-H! She's awesome.

The Lord has sent a lot of tender mercies this week as I have
struggled to be a trainer and lead in the work in this area. One
example is from Tuesday evening after transfers. We had gotten home,
finished personal and companionship study, and were heading out the
door to an appointment. I was nervous and didn't know if I had done
everything right, or if anything I was doing was making a difference,
but as I went to turn off the light in our living room, the Spirit
touched my heart and told me that I wasn't alone, and that Heavenly
Father was proud of me and my efforts. That feeling comes back to me
throughout the quiet moments of the day.

I know that God loves us and helps us.
He truly does answer our prayers. He is aware. He gives us what we
need in the very moment we need it.

I am so grateful to be a missionary. I feel so blessed and lucky to
have this opportunity. I am grateful for the people here and the
opportunity we have been given to serve them.

Have a great week!
Sister Gallegos

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Southside Week 11 - 2 down 10 to go

What's up!

So, Sister H is getting transferred and I'm staying in Morgan Park and will be training a new missionary. We go up to transfer meeting tomorrow where I'll meet my new companion! I'm hoping and praying that we will hit it off! Sister H will be a Sister Training Leader in a YSA branch with Sister S (#MahHomie) - so we will see each other on exchanges. 

I feel pretty inadequate to be training a new missionary and to lead in the area. So I'm pretty scared, but I got a blessing and have said a lot of prayers. I know Heavenly Father is going to be with me every step of the way! He's going to help me step up my game! This is going to be a very 'stretching' transfer, but "I can do ALL things through Christ which strengtheneth me." My goals are to help this new sister know that God loves her, that she can do this, and that I will give my all to help her in any way she needs. It will all work out.

Miracle of the week: "A" CAME TO CHURCH! He is so solid. We meet with him later today for a lesson. He showed up with this hot pink vest underneath his suit coat. He was such a stud. Everyone loved him. He reminds me SO much of dad.

Also, I've come down with another cold, so this entire week has been low key unfortunately, and I'm still sick, but it'll get better soon I hope!

The main event of this week was waiting for transfer calls. We were sure that we were going to stay together and then we got the text that we were going to be transferred. But president wasn't able to call us until 11 and tell us the news. So it was a craaaazy night. 

I also finished reading the Book of Mormon on Friday night! It was awesome! I LOVE the Book of Mormon. Whenever I'm having a rough time throughout the day, I just take 30 minutes and read out of the scriptures. They've really comforted and strengthened me, and have helped me to get through this past transfer. 

We also ate a lot of cookie dough this week. That was solid. #Panookie

This week is going to be an adventure but I know Heavenly Father has my back. 

District Lunch

I hope you all have a great week! 
Love, Sister Gallegos 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Southside Week 10 (What Happened to 9?)

Well she didn't get to write us Week 9, she went to the Temple instead - good call!  She says transfers are next week and she hopes to stay in Southside and with Sister House!

Small world moment.  A new Elder to their district is also from Oregon... and he's Krystl Woodall's brother - what a small world.

Southside Week 10

This is the last week of the transfer. Time flies! I'd love it if sister House and I got to stay together another transfer! I can't believe that next week is the beginning of my 3rd transfer. It's craaaazy. 

Last week we went to the Temple and ran out of time to email, so that's why I didn't email haha. 
Sister Sutarik took us, it was the best! I love her. It was great to be able to go to the temple after 3 and 1/2 months of not having gone. Then we went to Wendy's. That was great too. :)) 

What was your favorite talk? 

GENERAL CONFERENCE was the BEST. It was a weekend full of miracles! My fave was Larry Lawrence. He's a stud and his talk was exactly what I needed! 

After the second Saturday session, we were getting something for dinner, and the thought came to mind to go to Chipotle. I love chipotle so it wasn't a prompting that was difficult for me to follow. Lol. The line was long, and as we were waiting, this man walked in and seemed to recognize us as missionaries. He then began talking to us as we stood in line. Turns out he's a CTA bus driver and used to pick up sister missionaries a while ago. We had a great conversation with him about why we are serving, and our purpose as missionaries. We invited him to come to a session of general conference. He gave us his number.

As the first Sunday session began we got a text that he was there!!! 

We went in and sat by him. After the session was over, we took him on a church tour. He asked a couple questions and was very positive and happy to be there. He said that he was hoping that the Bears would win by him coming to church and missing some of the game, hahaha. He reminds me a lot of dad. 

Then we walked him out to his car and gave him a Book of Mormon and a restoration pamphlet. We testified about Christ's love for him and then read the first, and last two paragraphs of the introduction with him. He read them aloud. We asked him what he thought and he just kept saying, "Wow, that's so powerful! I got goosebumps! I felt something as I read that. I just want to keep reading this!" The Spirit touched my heart as he said this, and as I witnessed this tender mercy and miracle. We set up to meet with him this evening and committed him to read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon, and the restoration pamphlet. 

Also, he had done research before coming to the session and he saw a picture of the San Diego Temple and set it as his phone background. So that was great. 

We also have another new investigator named Lxxx. She seems so ready! This past week we saw a lot of miracles. Exact obedience brings blessings and miracles.

I love my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ so much! I know that they are real and that they love all of you! And that they hear and answer your prayers. 

Love you All! 
- Sister Gallegos  

Monday, September 14, 2015

Southside Week 8 - Got our car back

Things I learned this week:

The Vow was filmed in Chicago and features the bean... The one with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.

Heavenly Father protects his missionaries, Ha. A black truck almost ran into our car because he was turning into us when his light was red. #SouthSide 

Some sisters came into our area to pick us up from an appointment so that we could go to dinner together. They got there a bit early and decided to do some contacting. They went up to a group of guys at a street corner and started talking to them. Hah... Thankfully they were alright and left pretty quick because it was skeeeeetchy. Don't go up to guys on street corners in southside Chicago!

I'm very grateful to be here in Chicago. 

We got our car back today, so we will be able to meet with a lot more of the people in our area. We are delivering cookies and enchiladas to people in the ward too. It's going to be a great week! I'm excited. Hahaha. 

Sisters Meeting (Conference)

And this past week sister H and I were asked to participate in a funeral service that was being held in our church building. It was for a woman named Helga. We went and sang to her while she was in the hospital on hospice. It was a very sweet experience. She wasn't really "there", but we sang hymns and prayed. Her sister in law was the one who called and requested sisters to visit Helga, and was also the one that coordinated the memorial. She and her husband drove down from Utah. I played the piano, and sister H gave a talk on the plan of Salvation. Then we sang 'I am a Child of God'. Helga was born and raised in Germany and Poland during World War Two. She had an amazing life! It was an honor to be a part of the service and to get to know about her more. It was beautiful and the Spirit was present. 

We also had zone conference that day and it was wonderful! I love president and sister  Woodbury. They're so inspired! They're true homies. We talked about having a change of heart and how our mission needs to have a change of heart and recommit ourselves to the work. Challenge ACCEPTED. I'm really imperfect, but I'm trying, and the love for the work grows a little bit more every day. 
Zone Conference

Being a missionary is a big blessing.

We didn't find a new investigator this week, but it's okay! This next week our fast is to pack our dinners and lunch so that we stay out of the apartment all day and do the work more effectively and strive to be more diligent! It's going to be great, and I'm sure we will find more people! The work is coming. 

I love you all!
Sister G 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SouthSide Week 7 - Don't Taze Me Sister!

I've been pretty sick since Saturday night so we moved PDay to today.  But on the upside, we got groceries this morning... So now we have food!  This past week was a struggle. It's probably because it was the first  week of the new transfer.

But ever since Thursday, sister H and I have had the BEST time ever. We had both been feeling really stressed and then on Thursday morning we talked about it and felt tons better. It turned out to be the best day ever. Haha.

We attempted to ride the elder's bikes, which was an adventure. It lasted about two minutes.

And our district has been bonding through a tazer we found in our apartment. A sister left
it, and the elders told us to bring it to district meeting. They all tazed themselves with it. Sister House tazed me at mutual on Thursday night, but I couldn't look. I had to face the wall. It felt like a bee
sting. The sound is the worst.

Our fast this past week was a struuuuuuggle. But we tried to be more motivated for exercise by striving to make it 'fun'. So we did push up challenges. And looked at funny videos. Hahaahhha. We are working on it. But this week, well, today, our car went into the auto body shop, so we are fasting our car! Woohoooo! We are getting our walk on in hopes to find a new investigator.

Worst part of the week - Her Pizza Flipped coming out of the oven

On a down day, I like listening to this CD called the 'Battalion', which has two talks, one by Pres. Eyring, and one by Elder Holland, it's so powerful. I love JHoll.  Anyways, his talk is from the MTC to mission presidents, and it's SO GOOD. In it, he says, "The Atonement will carry them (missionaries)".  And it's so true. Jesus Christ is who sustains me and helps me get from one moment to another. Missionary work isn't easy, but it has blessed me with so many great experiences. It has really brought me closer to Christ!

I love you all!
- Sister Gallegos

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1 Down 11 to Go! SouthSide Week 6

Today sister House and I are in the city!! We greeted a few of the new missionaries. 


This past week was long, but great. I can't believe I've finished my first transfer already. Sister H and I will be staying together for this next transfer as well. I'm so excited! I LOVE Morgan Park and I LOVE Sister H! 
This week we went on exchanges with the Sister training leaders. I went to their area and one of them came to our area with Sister House. It was great!

Hermana Ct and I were walking down the street, and she was talking to some Hispanic guys while this lady came out and told me that her friend wanted to talk to us. Her friend was this 104 year old woman that she takes care of. She was the sweetest person I've ever met. She told us to come in and tell her about what we believe. We prayed with her and sang two hymns to her: I am a Child of God, and Families can be Together Forever. 
She told us how lonely she felt, and that she felt like God was punishing her, and as she spoke my heart was filled with love for her. The Spirit was so strong. I bore my testimony to her that I knew God was aware of her. And then I couldn't really sing through Families can be Together Forever cause I was bawling. But it was great. #TheSpiritIsReal

Then we had district meeting on Wednesday and took a lot of pictures of our zone cause Elder Drebing(one of our Zone Leaders) is going home. I love my district and zone.

Saturday we had a ward game night.
It was the BEST. 
Hahaha, I love this ward.

They started dancing towards the end of it, and all the boys were doing a dance called the 'naynay'?

I'm grateful to be a missionary. Sometimes people look at us like we are crazy, as if we didn't have a life before this. But I'm learning that it doesn't matter if people think we're crazy because I know that this church is True, and more importantly, I know that Christ lives! And I wouldn't be out here if I didn't. 

Haha, and no one here can pronounce my name. So everyone is starting to call me sister G. My ward mission leader repeats my name five times every time he sees me! I love him! Hahaha.

This transfer sister H and I are fasting something every week in order to see more miracles and progress in the work. This week we want to help our investigators progress and keep commitments, so we are getting up earlier every morning to be more diligent and obedient with exercise. Basically we are fasting sleep. Aka, my biggest struggle. HAH-Some things don't change. πŸ˜‚ 

I'll let Ya'll know how it goes! 
Sister G 

Monday, August 24, 2015

SouthSIDE Week 5 - I Love Southside

I love southside. 

This week was wild:
- Sister H got really sick one night, and then I got sick and had some really bad allergy stuff while we were cleaning someones house.
- Our car broke down. And then fixed itself...

- And we won't have a car this week because we have to take it to the shop. So we're going to get our walk on. #TrekStatus 

- Last Monday we had a bonfire at our ward mission leader's house with the other elders in our ward. It was a ton of fun! They fed us burgers and cheesecake. 

- Hahaha and we ran out of toilet paper this week but weren't able to go to the store until Saturday, so we used gauze out of our first-aid kits. 

- Saw my second weave.
 (it's a weave, not roadkill)

Friday we had a sister's conference in Wilmette, where the mission office is. It was really uplifting and I got to see the sisters that came in with me! Sister D is one of my faves. She went to BYU-Idaho too. A lot of the sisters here went to BYU-Idaho. Represent. 

-The zone leaders picked up all our packages this week too! Thank you so much mooom! I made eggs and put Heinz 57 on it. Hahaha. I haven't made corn nachos yet though! Or corn-yaki. 

- Last night we also found out that we put an investigator's number in wrong. So the past couple weeks that we've been calling we thought she had dropped us. Then we got her real number and was able to schedule our second lesson with her for today! I'm so excited!

This coming week is transfer calls. We will find out if sister H is leaving, or if sister H stays! 
really want her to stay. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

The Book of Mormon is the best. It's one of the number one things we try to get investigators to do: read the Book of Mormon. There is a real, special spirit that comes from reading it. I invite all of you to pick it up once a day (or more!) and study. It's an act of faith that blesses us and fills our lives with peace. Daily scripture study is so powerful! 

I am continually learning that missionary work is about loving these people and loving God, and then doing my best. 
A quote that has been pulling me through the tough, awkward, and silent moments of missionary work is this: 
"You reach as far as you can, and Heaven will help you do what you can't do, or don't know how to do yet." - Sister Edmonds, {MTC Sunday Relief Society Devotional, 7/19/15} 
That sentence comes to mind whenever I feel like giving up. 
I know that this is His work and He will help us as we strive to keep going and to keep 'reaching'. 

Sister Gallegos